Friday, June 26, 2015

JOY & WONDER is ready to ship


my latest collection of holiday fabric
is out and ready to hit the shelves.  

so deck the halls with Joy & Wonder, 
*at least that what it says over at BLEND fabrics,

this little collection is filled with hand painted illustrations
of mice, snowmen, penguins and reindeer to
help you bring the whimsical spirit of 
Christmas into your home.

how about some holly jolly... 

we brought back dot party in green,

and daydream made it back for this collection as well... 
(in red and green)

and finally a cute repeat called PREZZIES!

all these combine together to make this super
cute quilt call DECK THE HALLS
(free tutorial here)

if you like it... by all means go and tell your local
fabric store to give BLEND a call!  i
personally would really appreciate it!


*this collection can be found online as well
(check your favorite stores!)


  1. You've done it again, Cori. They are so inspiring and will be the centerpiece of my holiday gifts to friends! A big congratulations on the collection!

    1. i can hardly wait to see what you make suzy!

      please share with me? please oh please...

  2. would love the top panels as cards to send out during the holidays to my peeps :)

    1. the only image from the line that made the cut for christmas was the mouse. here is the link

      they all would have made sweet cards.

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