Wednesday, May 27, 2015

a free painting tutorial by diane culhane!

i was meandering around the internet
this morning and i stumbled upon a free painting
tutorial by the talented diane culhane,

it discusses the notion of positive and
negative space, which i like to think of as the
stuff that holds something in place.

diane is a master of this technique, so don't miss
this little gem.  it is such a cool way to think
about painting...and perhaps a new way 
to start thinking about the flat surface!

i found the tutorial compliments of 
if you haven't been there it is a BOON for 
the creative.  filled with classes and books, not 
to mention the free tutorial page.
who doesn't like fee?

check it out and tell me what you think...

happy making to you!

*i use this technique in my work...  her is an example

i have always done this... held things in place
with a shape. isn't it cool to see how two people
can use it so differently?


  1. Thanks for sharing this website! I've now bookmarked it and have also been reading the blog.
    As for negative space painting... I enjoy it but sometimes have trouble wrapping my mind around it, lol!

  2. lana manis... think about it like giving an object a hug with paint, or maybe as a shape holding an object in place...