Wednesday, October 18, 2017

HEY! It's a Post Stitch Gathering Blend Fabrics Competition!

It has been a long while since I posted, and I apologize...
 Basically I was derailed last year, and it
took me quite some time to come out of my funk. But I am back,
and embracing the only thing that I have to offer the world, which
is myself and my art.  BUT...enough about me, and my boring self.


Jo Avery over at myBearpaw is hosting a sewing competition using my fabric!
How exciting is that?

The idea is you make something fabulous showcasing
my fabric (but please know, you can use other fabric as well).

The competition will be judged by Jo's two Thread House partners in crime, 
Lynne Goldsworthy and Karen Lewis who have very kindly agreed to help 
her judge the entries and find a winner! They will be looking out
 for creativity, originality and beauty.

here are some amazing ideas that were made by Jo,

a close up...

a tote...

a sewing bag...

I've seen pouches, tufts, aprons, skirts, little dresses, pin cushions...
truly, the sky is the limit and i can not wait to see what your 
talented selves make!

So how do you enter you ask?

Post a photo of your finished piece on Instagram or as part of a blog post 
by December 31st 2017 using the hashtag #SGBlendFabricsCompetition.
If you are using Instagram please also mention @blendfabrics, @coridantini and
 @mybearpaw in your comment. Progress shots are welcome too!

I am so excited to see what you all make!

OOx,  cori

OH!  and most importantly here is what you will win!

Cori Dantini fabric - fat quarters and a large panel, 4 DMC variegated 
Perle Cotton 8 threads, 3 Aurifil 80wt threads, AND that large zippy pouch, 
handmade by your's truly as a class sample for my applique workshop 
at the Stitch Gathering itself (it has a lovely improv, 
matchstick quilted back too!).

Friday, September 23, 2016

Mermaids in the shop!

i don't know if you've noticed...
but i have been busy.
so busy that i can barely keep up
with all the things i am suppose to be doing.

but, yesterday i made time to list the mermaid
prints that go with my new fabric collection


This collection was an absolute delight to create...
i even branched out and tried my hand at a piece
of fabric that we are calling an "all over" print...

at the bottom of the sea, in light blue

at the bottom of the sea, in dark blue

and i made this fish print (which may be my
favorite design to date).

here fishy fish, in blue

here fishy fish, in coral

i was totally inspired by sea urchins while doing my 
research..  and came up with this fun print.

urchin garden in green

urchin garden in tan

then we will always have "seeds" as a wonderful
blender.  this fabric always amazes me...  i see it
used on the backs of quilts and it always adds just
a touch of whimsy, but still reads as a solid color 
somehow.  it should probably be renamed,
magical seeds!   

turquoise seeds

coral seeds

and for the perfect mermaid tale...  we have,

scallops, in green

scallops in turquoise

NOW... for the panels (large and small)

So, there you have it.  Can't wait see what you all
make with this collection.  as i always say, what is 
made is my favorite part.  so please share your creations
with me!  please oh please!!!

OH!  you can look for this fabric online, but check
your local retailers as well, cuz you never know!


if you go to Blends site, 
there is a free quilt pattern to go 
with the fabric

just press THIS!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Spooky Town, it's on the shelf!

(it's so spooky)

*it might be my favorite to date.

the two above are from the large panel portion...
(below is all three plus the punkin patch repeat)

medium panels...
(check out that cute witch, not to mention

below you will find the imagery used in the
small panel (we used 6 images this
this time).  *a fun little twist from the original

and below you see it in it's full repeat...

AND THEN... the free quilt pattern!

full details can be found over at BLEND,

hope you like it!
hope you make loads of fun stuff with it.
AND, if you do...  show me on instagram!!!

All these images can also be found on my etsy
shop as archival prints, check it out

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Adventurers MAGIC!! created by MY Bear PAW! (magic)

some real "makers MAGIC",by the talented 
*you can read all about this project over on her

*now... i know i keep saying this, BUT I am gonna say it again...
every. single. time... i see something made from my fabric, 
 i am completely humbled.   like tears in my eyes humbled.

you see, i sit in the studio making
 and painting and then offering these paintings/images up to the world,
 but then YOU... all of you "makers", make these magical projects/objects
 out of my work and then my work becomes something bigger. 
something much more amazing...

like Jo's FANTASTIC quilt!
look at it!  i can hardly stand it.

 it knocks my socks off every single time
i see it.  imagine me sitting here with an ear to ear grin.
because that is me RIGHT NOW!

So thank you (JO)!  for the making and for the support,
and for the Joy you bring me (and the world), 
by what you create!  

it is amazing.

OOx, cori

*the fabric used is from The Adventurers Collection,
designed by me (Cori Dantini), and brought to life

OH... i suppose i should also mention that
prints of all images used in this collection 
are available at my etsy shop!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Little RED!

(by yours truly)

(free quilt pattern!)
Better to see you with my dear!  The Little
Red Collection by yours truly in conjunction with
the fabulous BLEND fabrics, is a novel twist on a 
classic tale.  Featuring the same cast of characters,
this story is told with delightful floral and enchanting
fern patterns complimented by checks, dots and 
woodgrain textures.  This fabric collection
is a sewing fairy tale that is sure to
end happily ever after!


what you are looking at is an illustrative
fabric collection, meant to spark a story of
your own!  *one with a happier ending
in this case!

the story...  it ends in a happy gathering.

the cast of tried and true characters...

my first ditzy!

this pretty thing (inspired by ferns)

a classic check with a hand drawn feel.

the perfect red dotty fabric to make your
own magical cape!

and the woodgrain is back to help tell 
your wooded story!!!

I can not wait to see what you all make!
so please show me...
*instagram is a great place to share stuff
what you make with me (and the world),
 just tag me #coridantini
#littleredridinghood   when sharing
your creation!

**but do NOT use #little red 
(that hashtag is scary!)

HA!!!  i learned that the hard way.

happy making peoples.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Ornaments

I'm happy to say that I finally got my act
 together and listed Christmas ornaments 
(for sale) in the shop this season!
YEAH... ME!!!

I have been meaning to do it for 4 years, 
but I just couldn't figure out how to do it while
doing shows.  It was hard to keep on top of inventory.

 in truth, they sold so fast I could hardly keep up.
 but now that i no longer am doing shows... 
 I was able to make it happen with the
help of my friend Gabe 
(thank all good things for Gabe)!

i was even able to make some one of a kind
ornaments this year (which I haven't been
able to do for forEVER!), and that was super
fun...  it felt like playing hooky from school.

did you play hooky?
i did... sorry mom.


*OH!  and Happy Holidays

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Me... making some art (a video!)

i have been asked to post in the past, a video 
of me making my art.  

so... i finally bought a thing to hold my phone
so i could take a time-lapse video and here
are the results. 

a bit blurry i think...  and i have NO idea
how to fix it, or make another one that
would be better.  SO, if you know something
(anything that could help)
please oh please tell me all about it!