Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Adventurers, PRE-ORDER now!

The Adventurers, my latest collection of fabric
with BLEND is ready for pre-order!!!  maybe you want to
whisper in the ear of your local fabric store?
(hint hint!)

When my little guy henry truly was a little guy,
he asked me one morning why i didn't draw little boys?
and i hadn't even realized i wasn't!  for shame for shame!!!

It took 5 years but i finally got it done (in honor the
little guy henry once was).  a curious little dude out in the 
world dressing up and adventuring through his days.

take a look... 

insect love?

water ripples?

good old seeds!

doodle box...

making waves (most little guys do!)


and of course BLEND has developed a lovely
quilt pattern to use.

here is what BLEND has to say about the collection...

Land, ho!  The Adventurers collection celebrates the 
explorer in all of us, whether you dream of the North Pole,
digging for pirate's treasure or playing with dinosaurs.  Ripple, wave,
crosshatch and seed patterns in a color palette
fit for a prince create perfect blenders for the artist's signature 
panel designs.

shipping August 2015!

couldn't have said it better myself.

to all the little adventurers in the world
this one is for you!!!

OOx, cori
(your friend)


  1. I love this! Your work is jaw dropping. So friggin' gorgeous. Thank you for spreading your joy to the world. :) ps: your little "guys" are adorable!

  2. hi pauline, you are so sweet to say such lovely things out loud! thank you for making my day.

  3. Your work is wonderful! I purchased the panels and fabric in a small shop in the Sarasota, fl today! It will make a great quilt for my grandson.