Friday, May 1, 2015


did you know that you can get free 
quilt patterns over at BLEND Fabrics
(because i didn't)!

i don't know what my problem is,
but i am starting to think that i have
my head in the sand 99% of the time!

i miss everything... even stuff that
is about me!  and today while scrolling
around looking for things to put into the
newsletter i am trying to get off the ground,
 i found the patterns...

i need to apologize because not only
do i not notice stuff, i also forget to share
things that are happening.  this is because my nose
is always "to the grindstone", and all i 
tend to think about is how i can dash away
and go to the thrift store (in search of what?
i have no idea)!

speaking of not telling you things...
did you even know i have been trying my hand at
designing fabric?  i think i may have mentioned
it YEARS ago...  but then, well- i got busy
doing it, and forgot to talk about it!

it has been a really fun thing for me to learn, 
it speaks to my organizational side, BIG TIME!  
and the cool thing is that i feel like i just keep 
getting better and better at designing 
the repeats, which is really satisfying!

these above images are all from my collection 
called "the makers" .

okay... that's it for me today!


*prints from the collection are in the shop!
use code themakers for 20% off your order.
(good through the end of may 2015)


  1. Where can I get the center panel and the fabric for your Makers Quilt?

  2. Where can I get a free quilt pattern for the makers quilt.