Monday, May 7, 2012

Joss & Main

this weekend we did a show.  So this morning,
after dragging my - oh so tired self - out of bed,
and getting the 9 year old out the door, i went 
downstairs to face my mountain of emails.
(and i mean mountain)

all the usual's were there.
BUT i got a tweet this morning that said
Joss & Main is hosting a sale
by DENY design featuring the work
of Cori Dantini!!!!

(that is me...)
what a fun surprise for a monday.

so ...

if you need a duvet cover
or a shower curtain,

OR a fleece blanket
today is the day to get a deal!

OOx  c.

*more big news coming...
so check back in a day or two.


  1. Oh, I just went and had a look! Gorgeous stuff - especially the blankets!

    1. and the blankets are so darn soft! my step mom bought one so i got to touch one.
      (they do a really nice job)

  2. how very cute! and exciting!

  3. These shower curtains are SO gorgeous! I'm going to consult with the family first because I cannot decide which one I like best, I love them all!