Friday, May 11, 2012

SIS (aka Stock Illustration Source)

remember how i confessed recently to designing
clip art WAAAAY back when (like
15 years ago).  

well here is a piece i designed for SIS

jumping dude has finally found his way
out into the world & is getting a little love thanks
to a daily email that sis sends out,
(which was my image today).

after a thank you to the universe i couldn't
help but chuckle a bit, 12 years later...
and here he sits in my inbox. 
how weird.

now... i had high hopes for my work
on SIS, and thought it would lead to all
kinds of work (which it didn't). what it 
lead to was a 75 dollar check
here and there, which frankly was
a nice surprise when it would happened
( i really was a struggling artist... with high hopes).

so it struck me as funny to see this after all those
years, especially this one...  because the world
really is letting me take a big jump right now.

i wonder where i will land?

more details to come...

OOx c.

1 comment:

  1. The internet moves in mysterious ways, doesn't it? I think he looks cool. I wonder what will one day come back and haunt me?