Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the holy grail of beads...

if you love beads you will have heard a rumor
that goes something like this...

there is a holy grail of beads-
back east- somewhere in rhode island.

have you heard of it?
because THIS is it!
row, upon row, upon high, tall, deep row
(of beads).  glorious beads
and charms and chain.

well i had heard of it, and i was crazy to go there.
this is because in my own way i am a total
crow!  meaning i love a little shiny object, 
particularly a bead, and i also love a treasure hunt
which is exactly what this place is.

SO... last fall i went to boston for one of my best friends
wedding and before the big day, we had our own version of a
bachelorette party...  this meant going to the warehouse
ALL DAY!   so we got up earlyand headed to rhode island
for a day of seek and find.

needless to say you are sworn to secrecy when you go to this 
place, so i can't name names or locations (sorry).  basically
you have to track this puppy down on your own and call
and make an appointment.  but i swear if you go there you
will have butterflies in your tummy OR on the flip side
you might think how gross and dirty this place is
(i suppose this has to do with your nature).

but i promise you- if you find it, you will be in bead heaven.
there was the vintage lucite room (yes ROOM), there was
the room filled with vintage cabochons, rows of glass beads,
rows of vintage enameled flowers, rows and rows of charms...
a basement of metal  (a whole huge basement of it!)

as a parting photo, a brand new box of the most amazing
olive lucite beads with the original invoice in the box
from 1962!   such a great find and such a great way to 
spend the day with a dear friend (who loves beads!).

and yes, we were there until closing.
(and it wasn't hard to do at all)  PLUS 
we missed a room!

OOx  c.

p.s.  if you're interested, you can see my travel companion
jenne rayburn's fabulous jewelry right here,
(i love (and have) the crow earrings!)


  1. just found you on Facebook.....love your art...I did shows many yrs (around 8) in spokane...custers shows...ever attend??? wonder if we have met...

    heart hugs,

  2. Wow what a place, truly amazing - i love old places like that where things are in boxes and piled high and people, not even the owners, know what or where everything is!!! Bliss, you're so lucky getting to spend the day there. We have a place similar here in Montgomery (UK) it's called Bunners except it's a hardware store rather than beads but it's the same sort of set up, owned by the same family for the last 150 years and it's like a maze with boxes of things everywhere, even items in "old" money (i.e. pounds shillings and pence) - it's so much fun, i keep discovering more rooms whenever i visit :) x

    1. I lived in RI all my life. I just moved to MD a year ago. I have no idea where this is :/

  3. What a place! Thanks for sharing Cori, shame I live the other side of the world. ;o)
    Have a great weeekend!
    Jess xx

  4. What a great day we had... And because it is always changing the next time you visit we can do it again and find something totally different! Miss you, Jenne