Tuesday, October 26, 2010

an upcycled affair

just recently i was contacted by a lovely lady
who runs a fabulous company called soren lorensen design.
she had a great idea about a little marriage
of her lovely upcycled t-shirts and dresses,
printed with some of my images.

we began with this image
and in time will do others!

i am so excited about these (i am 
fairly sure they couldn't be much cooler).

she even makes them for boys...

aren't they fabulous!
want want 

OOx  c.


  1. OOOOOOOO! I love them! So cool - especially with your art on them! I want some for my dudes! How do I go about ordering them?

  2. oh these are just really cute!!! how fun! Love your art on them!

  3. Cori, These are so, so cool and with your amazing art added, it is just to much goodness!!!:) xo

  4. Want for sure! WOW great designs, great idea. :)

  5. @ mandy... click an image and it will take you there (you can convo her!)

    @ everyone else, THANKS!!! i thought they were pretty super.

  6. OMG those are AWESOME!! I want one badly!!

  7. Thank you Cori!!! I searched etsy high and low for an amazing artist and you stood out like the most beautiful 'sore thumb' because I fawned over each and every piece and wanted to cover my entire home with your work! YOU are awesome :)
    Anyone that posted who is interested can email me or find me on facebook at facebook.com/sorenlorensendesign
    THANK YOU CORI! :) You are an inspiration!!!

  8. Lovely!! Beautiful stuff, congratulations! I´m from Brasil..