Sunday, October 24, 2010

the PERFECT coaster

a little confession...

  i am obsessed with good design.
i want things to work (all the time...  perfectly)
i will search high and low for the "perfect" solution.
because when something doesn't work
it bugs me.


so my latest (7 year) obsession has been the coaster.
my first set were of the marble variety
and they were beautiful.  

 i loved them because they had cool graphics on them... 
butterflies, cigar labels, old poster graphics.  they were porous,
 cork bottomed to protect my table...  perfect in every way.
 UNTIL i put a big iced beverage (in a glass) on one and left it for 
a bit, and when i went to pick it up, up came the 
beverage WITH the coaster attached!   it fell of course
and hit my bare foot.  (i decided they needed to go 
because i didn't always want to wear shoes when i used
my coasters)... so the search continued.

my next adventure were these...
 the eames chair coasters.  AGAIN, cool looking.
lovely silk screens on a plastic base that floated a bit
above the table (by rubber nubbins).  i liked this because they
sort of blended in to the table.  
PROBLEMS... size too small, if you put your cup down wrong it would tip
over and spill (big problem for anything that relates to a beverage.  plus...
it was too small in size.  big cups simply didn't fit.   it was a sad day when
they went off to the thrift store

the next round were a gift, and i was SO HAPPY to receive them.
they were so up my alley (birds).  lovely illustrations on metal,
round.  cork bottomed, but too small (again).  my coffee cups wouldn't
fit, so they only got used half the time.  plus they would stick to the bottom
of a glass from time to time, which is so annoying when you want to have
a sip of your delicious beverage.

but then...  i FOUND THE ANSWER!!!  (7 years later)

felt planet on etsy is the answer to my search for the  perfect coaster!!!
they are 5 inches across (so they can handle
my big old coffee cups), and are wide enough to not have
the tippy problem.  they are made of felt
so they suck up the moisture and protect my table.
they DO NOT stick to my moist cups, and they are so 
SO pretty.

they are

if you need coaster THESE are the answer (i have done 
all the research for you).

OOx  cori

*i think i could work for consumer reports (for real)


  1. i am not kidding when i say that.

    if you ever want to know what is wrong with something, i am the one to ask! (for good or bad) i can hone right in on that stuff.

  2. You are so funny! Glad the hunt for the perfect coaster is over!

    Now what is the next "perfect search" for? Heehee :)

  3. i am on the search for a perfect pair of shoes.

  4. and i mean it.
    ~the perfect pair of sneakers
    ~the perfect pair of black casual shoes...
    ~the perfect boot

  5. I enjoyed your coaster saga becuase I too am particular about protection for my Ethan Allen tables. lol
    I am dubious about your felt ones tho, don't they soak up moisture and then become wet...thereby ruining the table under them?
    I don't often trust coasters when it comes to guests so I like to offer that they use very small personal trays....not easy to find.

  6. i will keep you posted peggy.
    but these felt coasters are 5 mm thick. so i can't imagine anything being moist enough to soak all the way through, but only time will tell!
    and i will tell.

  7. perhaps you can research making some with your prints on them. i would be first in line ... :)

  8. I searched for "perfect coaster" on Google, and your page was one of the first results - congrats! I too am searching for something that i can leave a bottle of ice water on for 5-6 hours during summer, and not have to mop up a big puddle at the end of the day! So far the best thing I've been able to find is carpet samples cut them down to saucer-size pieces (round or square) and turn them upside down. I'll have to try these felt coasters though!