Monday, November 1, 2010

christmas is coming!

this year.
where did it go?

such a massive whirlwind of a year, 
and now i am confronted with the fact
that i haven't done any holiday shopping!

i know you will all think i am a dork, but i start shopping
for christmas in february.  i have a big cupboard
(the gift closet) and it all goes in there
to wait for christmas.  i do it one perfect gift
at a time, and this way i never have to spend a lot
at any one given time...  kinda nice, if you
can do it. 

but this year that cupboard is bare!
me and old mother hubbard have something
in common.

who would have thought?

time to get busy...

OOx  c.

are you getting busy yet?
if so good luck, and
if not, well 
(that makes me nervous!)


  1. you're stressing me out! No, no shopping yet!

  2. We only buy for the kids in the family these days.....and it looks like I'll be making many of the gifts...

    ...the cupboard and my checking acoount are both very bare, indeed! :(

    Happy Hunting! Love that cardinal image!

  3. i always like the prezzies i make the best... so go and make cameron (then share your genius!)

  4. I like your little sly-eyed birdie. He is lovely! :)

  5. Love the painting!!
    I have to get started too. I usually choose too throughout the year when I naturally run into the perfect gift for a loved one, but this year flew by somehow.

  6. I do the same gifts all year long! The trouble is I can't keep secrets and usually give them away or ca't find them ;)

  7. You have such a beautiful style. Do you use maps or scrapbook paper?

  8. makes me giggle! Love the eyes.