Friday, October 1, 2010

just a little something...

well hello...

About a year ago I got an email from a gal 
which basically said hello, I am an art teacher
and I love your work...  I love it so much that 
I used your work as inspiration for a lesson in pattern
for my 4th and 5th graders.  I thought you would like to see
what they made.  

!!!!!!  HOLY MOLY!!!!!!!

Did I ever want to see what my work 
had inspired the youth of today to create.

That very next day she sent me 
a series of fantastic pieces

( heart could have exploded),

into a million tiny (little) happy pieces.

NOW, i would like to be able to give credit
where credit is due (because i asked for permission
to show these images on my blog)... but it was the end of the 
year, she got sick and she never saw those students
again.   (insert heavy sigh here).  So basically
I am showing you these little lovelies
without artist approval because I can't help myself.
So- please forgive me and know I do it with the very
best of intentions.

OOx  cori

(aren't they amazing?)


  1. I'm so glad you shared them!

    children are capable of such amazing things :)

  2. your special Cori - don't let your sweet humble spirit get in the way of your ability to be BOLD and share your gift with others. What you have in the creative sense - people want - I am so blessed to know you. How lovely you are and generous! Congrats on such a wonderful tribute - what darlings!

  3. They are AMAZING!!! I bet that makes you feel AWESOME!!!!

  4. Those are wonderful, you must feel so proud that a new generation of artists were inspired by your work.

    I love your work, it is unique and very inspiring.

    Micki x

  5. Cory...this is so wonderful...its makes my heart swell for you. So happy you have touched the artistic heart of children you never even knew. IT's a good thing.

    Is the teacher okay? You said she got sick...I hope it's not terrible news.

  6. Far out! How cool is that! That is so special and what a wonderful job they did!

  7. WOW!!! You must have been so excited. What an amazing compliment to you, and you are quite deserving of it.

  8. They are very good! Could put us out of a job. What a beautiful story, thanks for sharing.

  9. @citygirl...
    she just caught a bug and was out for a bit, and then school was over! so sad, she did follow up by saying she never was able to get permission and i felt like perhaps i shouldn't share them because i never go the A.O.K. from the kids. one year later... i decided i couldn't NOT share!

    ***i think the word is tickled***
    i was just tickled when i saw the images.

  10. OH WOW! Such beautiful work. I bet it feels nice to have inspired this great group of artists. :) FUN!!!

  11. wow! what an honor ...these are TOO COOL :)

  12. How fabulous! Wonderful that someone is sharing lovely things with children instead of "Jersey Shore" and so on! :)
    Maybe they will carry that beauty with them for life.
    You never know.

  13. how wonderful! i'm sure the artists and their parents would be so proud if they knew you featured these beautiful pieces

  14. I just love your blog and your art - so I'm "sharing" you over on my blog and there's a little "award" for you, too. :)

  15. Hi Cori, I am the art teacher who sent you those images. I am glad you hung on to them and posted them-its fine as long as their names aren't attached. They knew I was sending you digital images of their work-and they were so excited. I only wish I was able to see them all again so that I could share your blog with them. I know they would be honored. I will be introducing your work to our students again in the future and when I do, I will make sure to send you photos again-and this time get their signatures so that you can post their names as well (if you like). Thanks...and thanks for all you do. We LOVE your work-its so fun and free.

  16. @anonymous, i am so glad that you chimed in on this!!! i felt so weird about posting with no names, and to hear that the kids would be thrilled makes me VERY happy. if you ever see any of them maybe you could tell them? you really are doing important work... i certainly be here now doing what i do, if it weren't for fabulous projects and teacher along the way! keep it up. on behalf of all future artists... keep it up! OOx c.

  17. HOW Cool the teacher found this!!! WOW :) I love what they've created. There are many an artist that wishes they could still draw like a child :)

  18. absolutely gorgeous.
    this story made me smile, and made me hope that one day i might achieve that!

    well done, keep up the beautiful work xxx

  19. I love these! I too love working with children. They do it and with little stress. I do it and stress...They are capable of so many things, and I always get so much inspiration! Thanks for posting.