Tuesday, October 12, 2010

old paintings anyone?

well i cleaned the studio...

and while mucking around in the mess
i found a bunch of flotsom and jetsom
that i gave away (or threw away),
but i also found a bunch of old work
that i have posted for sale on etsy



tiny moments

she had a lot to say
but no one seemed
to listen...

she was a real NUT collector

LUNA didn't love
lady slippers


(on sale for half price).


  1. these are wonderful! I really enjoy your style. lovely work ♥

  2. Cute,.... cahrming as ever. No one would know it was Old art, you silly girl! They look shiney and new to me!

  3. I have just stumbled across your blog and have just spent more than an hour pouring over your etsy shop....amazing work. I am loving the gorgeous work that you have produced and will be heading back to purchase some items for christmas gifts. I hope you ship to Australia....thankyou. Carolyne

  4. They are all gorgeous! Love your work :D

  5. i shouldn't call them old should i?
    (how funny) but i should add that anything over 6 months (if it is in the studio) is OLD to me. things always seem to be moving forward around here, and 6 months seems like a lifetime ago.

    tell me i am not alone?

    time... i have a time problem that won't quit!

  6. How wonderful to see your work again. It's beautiful. And I'm blown away by what you inspired in those students. They could start selling those at the Saturday Market!