Tuesday, September 7, 2010

where did i go...

i have been gone too long.

here is the short list of what has happened,



a t-shirt design for the passionately
pink on the palouse (breast cancer awareness)

this ended up being printed in black or pink (only)
*so sad as it was such a fun illustration,
but it still looks nice.

sandpoint art festival (check)
sun valley art festival (check)

*it took a couple of days to regroup from 
the chaos of back to back shows, and  i will
never do that again.  WAY too much work.

after 3 days of rest i started in on a series of 
40 handmade ornaments...  (to be given as thank you
gifts for an up and coming conference).  *not
telling for what.  (oh...secrets, don't you hate them!)

they were ALL different,
and they were all CUTE!

next... back to school chaos for my now
second grader!!!  (i forgot my camera, or
i would share a back to school photo).  oh well,
i simply can't do it all... although i do keep trying.

i feel like the summer is gone now...  
gobbled up by a long to do list.

i did fit in that nice little vacation to lopez island
though, and got to meet some relatives.  so, tucked
away amongst all the chaos were a few highlights
(although i always long for more of them).

i suppose i just need to look in the mirror more,
and remind myself that i am a grown up now who has
a child to care for and bills to pay.   

basically, i need to forgive myself for having 
to work so much and play so little.
if only i could remember to enjoy the play more
 when i get to do it.



  1. quote"basically, i need to forgive myself for having
    to work so much and play so little.
    if only i could remember to enjoy the play more
    when i get to do it."unquote

    Me too!!!

    Glad you are back in blogland though, nice to know what you've been up to :)

    Micki x

  2. wow! busy girl. love the hooters tshirt. love the umbrella girl. but then, i love everything you do...

  3. you both are too kind!
    (now go and play!)

  4. I love the breast cancer awareness poster!

  5. Such lovliness! I thank you for the "i need to forgive myself" mention... Getting ready for The Creative Commection Event has been amazing but I won't deny it's been hard combined with 3 kids starting school (preschool, 2st grade and 10th) and a husband who really doesn't "get" it. It will be an amazing event and worth it all :) Your illustrations are all beautiful ~ Thank you!!


  6. Oh my goodness the poster is stunning but then all your work is so very beautiful and you are such an inspiration to me. Hope you don't mind that I've featured you & a few of your pieces on my blog today.

    I would love if sometime you posted a bit more about your process, techniques, materials, just how you get from beginning to end of a piece. Also your backgrounds are particularly beautiful. Anyway thanks !

  7. Hey Cori, just discovered your artwork in a nearby shop and had to check out your blog.
    Loooooove your work.

  8. hi ladies,
    i am at the creative connection coference in minneapolis this weekend, so i am sorry i haven't been able to respond in a more timely manner. getting out the door this time was quite difficult (too much to do!).

    Anyway i wanted to let you all know, and to say thank you for love!

    @ molly... it is on my list of things to do (at the very bottom i must confess).
    @sweety bird, thank you.
    actually at everyone THANK YOU!!!
    @ whimsy house... it is saturday and i am taking the coiled wire class. what are you doing today? we should try and find each other here at the hyatt!

  9. You are busy busy, I love the owl.. and save the hooters slogan, cute.
    I found you on the artfest yahoo group...

  10. so great to see your smiling fac at tcc!
    xoxo, Tiffany

  11. and the poster was yours. my goodness. pardon me, for i love you, ;) and didn't even know i had you right next to me to tell you so. although i didn't officially get to meet you, i was introduced to your art, and that makes me so darn happy!
    martha xo :)

  12. as it was to see yours tiffany.
    i wish i had gotten to spent time with you... *sigh*