Tuesday, July 27, 2010

one of the latest

sentences give...
so say a lot of nice things.

here is the story.  i got back from denver and a couple
of days later my paintings arrived.  i unpacked them, 
and forgot about it.  

we started packing for our vacation to lopez island in
 the san juan's, and i thought to myself, why i had better go 
and take a look at what i actually have.  so i very methodically laid
 them out, and almost sat down and cried.  i only had 53
 paintings left and they didn't really sit very well together!!!  

so a giant conversation started about whether or not i could 
even go  on vacation.  basically after everyone freaked out for one 
reason or another (mostly me) we came to the realization that i 
wouldn't be able to go for the full two weeks.  that I would have to 
stay home and paint instead of frolic on the beach with some 
of my favorite people.  i was so sad.
(yet seriously determined).

i sent the boys off.  and took that Saturday off to mentally prepare.
and then on Sunday i started to work, and i worked every day 
for a minimum of nine hours and a maximum of 16. 
 it was a bit of a nightmare, but in the end i made 40 pieces 
(half of them are quite small).  but i did it.
and then i went on a fantastic vacation.

we sat around.  ate.  went to the beach.  came home.  ate.
went to another beach.  came home. ate.  put the little guy to 
bed and  then sat around some more.   repeat 5 times.   
no tv.  no newspapers.  it was absolutely what i needed 
the most.   i have come home feeling fully refreshed 
and ready for what comes next.

what does come next you ask?  well next week we are off 
to sand point idaho, for the art festival there, and the following 
weekend we are down in sun valley for their art festival. 
(let's hope i have enough work!)

okay...  i am off to scan these paintings in now.

best to all of you.

OOx  cori


  1. And THAT is what a REAL artist does. A real artist is willing to make sacrifices, painful though they may be, to stay on her path.

    I can't wait to see what you made. Now go and enjoy Sandpoint. It's been ages since I've been there, but it's as good a place as any to unwind.

  2. What an accomplishment! I am so glad you stuck to your guns, and then rewarded yourself. You deserve it. Can't wait to see some of your new pieces. More importantly, can't wait to catch up! So excited for you!

  3. That is the hard part working for yourself. Vacation is secondary. Nice job getting it all done and squeezing in a little downtime. Always good for the creative soul!

  4. Wow, 40 paintings! I love how you rested on the first day. A wise thing to do when faced with all of that work and the loss of part of your vacation. I saw your poster design for the Creative Connection, it was soooo great!

  5. Im so happy for you Cori! Of course you were a success, your paintings are so beautiful! Im glad you got to go on vacation for a little while

    K x

  6. That's a phenomenal effort! Congratulations on getting it don't. All your illustrations are so beautiful I am sure they are perfect :D Best of Luck!

  7. Your work is truly gorgeous! I'm in love with 005 pens too!!! I'm so happy to meet another amazing illustrator, especially one as dedicated as you. I wish you the best of luck and fun with the festivals and I can't wait to see what you post next.

  8. Oh - I am IN LOVE with your work!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just so beautiful and sweet and feminine! !!!!!