Wednesday, July 7, 2010


i was so busy getting ready for the 
cherry creek art festival (which went famously by the way),
that i forgot ALL about this exciting bit.

how does one forget these things you ask?

well, your name is cori dantini and you often can't remember a thing.

OOx  c.


  1. thank you (cool huh). sorta dumb that i forgot, but hey... i have been busy!

  2. Congratulations on the cover, Cori! I'd love to hear more details about your experience at Cherry Creek, if you care to share...

  3. I absolutely love your style. I see many more covers in your future. Cheers from Nova Scotia

    I too would like to hear more about Cherry Creek

  4. Congratulations, it looks fantastic! Tell us more about your show!! ~ Every detail!

  5. It was so good to meet you and see your work in person. I am so glad that I got that chance! Amazing! I have one image in mind that I am still kicking myself for not buying. Hopefully, you will have them in your shop and I can get my second chance. Thanks for chatting with me. I loved being able to chat with someone about art and etsy.

  6. your art is looking more beautiful than ever! LOVE seeing all of the prints in your shop and on your blog! congratulations! and good luck with everything. i'm always finding your work so inspiring! thank you!


  7. thanks to everyone! the show was a great success, but i couldn't have done it without the help of all my denver friends (who i miss terribly).

    i just made a post about the festival, but i tried to keep it short so you wouldn't all fall asleep.

    to everyone... thank you so much for all your kind words and support along the way. OOx c.