Tuesday, June 29, 2010

denver here i come!

well tomorrow i start this journey...
and i am SO excited!
(although my little back talking self 
has been busy lowering my expectations
and making sure i won't be too disappointed
if it all turns out to be a bust).  

*i like to tell her to hush up.  
a lot.

because really,
once this journey starts 
there is NO GOING BACK!
(just the way it should be)
*and i am excited.

in case you are just jumping in on this thread,
i am talking about the cherry creek art festival in
denver, colorado (this upcoming fourth of july weekend).
i am part of the emerging artist program this
year (this is my first year doing art shows)... so that
is where i threw my hat, in the emerging pile.

anyhow, the lovely people let me in, and so this journey
begins...  the one where i am in the same room with
some fancy pants people.  

so here goes!  talk to you all when i get back.


  1. first three paintings are 6x6
    titles are
    ~i am bringing my listening heart
    and the final piece is 5.5 x 10.25
    it is called

  2. Good luck, the cherry creek festival is very fancy, but your stuff is absolutely lovely. I'll send all my Colorado friends your way!

  3. thanks to both of you. @ amie, i'd love to meet your friends!

  4. Lovely work! Congrats and good luck - I'm sure you will do great!

  5. these are lovely!

    I love the piece you did in Carla's class at artfest...sweet.

    Love, violette

  6. cherry creek is going to love you! you will be shipping back far far less. heck.. you may be able to fit it in your carryons. :) GOOD LUCK - lisa

  7. What a delight to meet you and buy your art. And then buy some more! The Gatherer is looking delighted in her new roost--and the Perennial Bloomer was charmed to join her. Can't wait to give "I sing because I am happy" to our friends.

  8. Cori,
    I had the pleasure of meeting you this past weekend at the CCAF, and even wrote about it in my blog and I made a link to your store. I think your work is really lovely. I hope you counted the festival as a success. Just getting in is a victory!

  9. I'm dying for an update!
    How did it go?

  10. i am delighted to report great success! i sold 60 paintings... so half. (no too bad!)

  11. Hi Cori,

    Just a note to say hello. When I started on Etsy about two years ago, I gave you one of my first hearts!

    The Creative Connection poster is adorable ~ I hope you are attending the event and I will have the opportunity to meet you. I am one of the featured designers.

    Your work is just lovely.


  12. @kathryn... a lot of folk zoom in and out over a three day weekend, and it is always wonderful when some of them stick! thank you so much for your support. when i get a minute i will dig through my bins and see about finding that wedding card i was telling you about!

  13. @suzanne... thank you for that heart. (really)
    and I AM going to the creative connection (and so looking forward to it!!!!) let's find each other okay?