Monday, July 12, 2010

CCAF and what i learned!

 for fear of boring you i will try and keep it short.

cherry creek art festival (i am happy to report), was a success!
perhaps too big of a success, because arriving home, and unpacking the
paintings i realized i don't have enough to do my next two shows.  SO-
that vacation i was suppose to go on, well... let's just say the boys had to leave
without me.  so i am at home (in utter silence) papering cradles and getting ready
to make a ton of new work.  and yes, a pitty party should be had
but i don't have time to plan it!

i am getting ahead of myself.

so... i used to live in denver (so i went a day early to visit).
i got to play with all my best girls and got to see all the wonderful
little people who were just wee babes when i left.  and guess what?
they all walk and talk and are little people.  it just broke my heart
to see all those years that i had missed marching around in front of me.

set up was good.    i didn't even cry.  i didn't even want to cry
(which is a-typical).  i would also like to say that i couldn't have done
it without all the tips that amanda blake and jenny mendes shared with me.
i am blessed to have been mentored by two very lovely ladies... and i
am OH SO GRATEFUL to the both of them.


day one of the show was the slow day...
day two SO busy.  (i even sold the really big painting
of the lady holding the bird in her hand to a sweet couple who
had just moved to denver).  i hope they enjoy spending some
time with her.  because it was a pleasure to hand her over
to people who clearly thought she was lovely.
day three...  another freakishly busy day.

another thing i should mention is how wonderfully the artists
were taken care of at CCAF.  that first day it was brutally hot, and
volunteer after volunteer came around and gave us bottles of water,
and snacks to keep us from fading.  although in the 100 degree
weather that was virtually impossible.  but it did help.
in the end, take down was quick and painless.  PLUS it
was my most successful show yet. 

did i mention i didn't get time to see anything...
that is how busy i was.  i never really left my booth.
that might be my one and only regret.
that and not planning a longer stay so i
could see more of my people.  who i miss.

basically, i am a happy girl (other than the part where i am not
on lopez island with my extended family).  but oh well.
sometimes you just have to work.

*plus i fly out to bellingham on monday to spend the week
on the island.  now i know one week isn't that same as two,
but one week is WAY better than none.

okay...  gotta go make stuff now.



  1. does anyone know why blogger reformats my text in such weird ways? drives me crazy! it all looks normal. like paragraphs and then when i go live with it... it is a long sentence with one or two words on the next line... and then another couple of sentences.

    it only does it sometimes...


  2. love that owl! i've been thinking about assemblages, and that owl totally goes into my brain for assemblage shapes. :)

  3. Hi - I've seen your work on etsy before - I really love it - and the larger paintings turned out beautifully! Congratulations on the show going so well! xo

  4. ...I just found your blog & you are so amazingly talented. Your use of color is wonderful! ... I hear you about time flying sooo fast and little ones growing up without you knowing.. I just can't believe my little one is 20... I can't possibly have age myself.. ha... ~;o)

  5. ...i still don't get the hang of typing on blogger -it messes with my lines all the time :/ ...i of course love every one of your pieces but especially your owl(s) & "a good bird" happy your show went well!!

  6. That owl makes me SO happy. Usually owls are wise or whimsical, but she is pretty and very at peace with the she just took a deep breath and let out a big sigh. Well, that's what she made me do anyway! Love your work!

  7. LOVE your work. absolutely beautiful! any chance you will ever be coming to Illinois for a show?

  8. Hi Cori, Just found your work on Etsy and now your blog- just delightful! Do you ever have originals for sale and if so what price and what size? Do you do commissioned work as well?
    Thanks for sharing your lovely talent.

  9. Cori, as for the text on blogger I can't say for sure but in Wordpress there is a tab for viewing it in html and I have recently found this helpful as I too have had strange spacing problems with my recipes where they are double spaced- not desirable- and in the html visual I could see this and the use the curser and go in and eliminate the additional lines and correct any indentations. If you can find this in your program just be sure not to touch any of the code or you will have worse problems. Good luck.

  10. wow! sounds amazing! just noticed your poster for the creative connection event! it looks absolutely incredible! i LOVE your art! congratulations on everything!

    xo, juliette