Thursday, June 24, 2010

cherry creek art festival here i come.

well i didn't make my numbers 
(goal being 150)
but i did make it to about 120,
and i can totally live with that.


the thing i did do was successfully make my first
larger paintings.  this piece is called, we are writing
our ONLY history (so make it a good one). 
it measures 18 x 24.  below is a piece called,
i know A LOT (a lot of tiny things).  best part
is just now while typing the title i realize i spelled
a lot as alot.  oops!  (welcome to my tiny world
of limited information).


i have tried to "go big" in the past and it has
always (underline always) been a bust.
i couldn't seem to sort out the scale of the 
background image with what was happening on top.

(BE NICE   all the time)  12 x 12

i know that sounds sort of lame, but the tiny words... ALL 
the tiny tiny words covering a big space is different than
tiny words on a small canvas.  the pieces failed on so
many levels (i cringe to think of them)!

but these...

(she was looking at what she remembered
and searching for what she had forgot).
12 x 16

i am okay with these.

OH i will be at the cherry creek art festival this upcoming fourth
of July weekend.  if you are around i cordially invite you to stop
by, as i would love to meet you!


  1. Wow that last painting is amazing, totally blew me away with it's prettyness!!

    Micki x

  2. These are so gorgeous! wow....i agree, the last piece is truely beautiful! I want one ~ what kinda price tag would you put on a puppy that big? love it completely


  3. Holy smoke these are amazing!! So love them!! What media are these made of and how large are they?? LOVE love x

  4. these are awesome! yes, the last one is stunning! your work is amazing.

  5. yikes!!! these are all mixed media... layers of old paper, tissue paper that i have laid on top of stuff... or printed on, paint (watercolor and acrylic), pen and ink, oh and pencil (graphite, colored, watercolor). i am SO not a purist. all i want is lovely..

    the sizes... the first two are 18 x 24 and get ready (price tag $1750), and honestly it never occurred to me that anyone would buy them! i know that is the purpose, but i didn't see it happening. the third piece is 12 x 12 with a price tag of 500. and the last is a 12 x 16 with a price of 800.

    this is the first time i have ever worked big and pricing them is excruciating. so much self doubt goes on in that part of this.

    anyway... thank you all so much, your words make me feel a whole lot better about what i am doing! OOx c.

  6. did i say thanks... because i mean it. thank you.

  7. They are amazing Cori, and I honestly think they are going to get snapped up so quickly!

  8. Cori...I love these, I am going to do a post and send people over...I hope that is o.k. I know what you mean about pricing. I am selling original watercolors for 20.00. Right now...I am just happy people seem to like them.

  9. pricing is the worst! but what i am confronted with at a show is cost; 400+ to do... airfare (or gas and hotels to drive) if you fly you then have to mail everything... then you have to get a hotel room, and THEN you have to mail it all back! 2000 dollars later!!! my prices HAD to go up. makes me feel sick- but it had to be done.

    in my mind my work is still affordable to the average person(maybe i am wrong), but what i never want is to be so expensive that people will say, oh- can't afford that, even though i REALLY want it. that to me is SO SO sad.

  10. and krys... 20 dollars is WAY to cheap. way too cheap.

  11. They look wonderful. I especially like the first and last one. Will you make them available as large art prints at some time?

  12. Anne B, sadly i won't be able to run the 18 x 24's as prints because i do not have a beautiful photograph of them. i will be able to run the smaller (large) ones.... like the last one because i was able to scan the image in two parts, so YES on a print of that. after it sells (which hopefully it will).

  13. You know, the photo you have here on your blog of the first painting looks pretty good. Maybe that would work? :) I'm just intrigued by her face. The is something about her that reminds me of paintings by a Finnish artist called Helene Schjerfbeck. You have different styles but there is something about her face that made me think of some of Schjerfbeck's paintings.

    Great to hear that the last painting will be available as a print.

  14. good luck at Cherry Creek! awesome show and you're going to be wildly successful. your work is gorgeous. i just love what i received from you. and thank you for all the little goodies. xoxo