Monday, January 18, 2016

Little RED!

(by yours truly)

(free quilt pattern!)
Better to see you with my dear!  The Little
Red Collection by yours truly in conjunction with
the fabulous BLEND fabrics, is a novel twist on a 
classic tale.  Featuring the same cast of characters,
this story is told with delightful floral and enchanting
fern patterns complimented by checks, dots and 
woodgrain textures.  This fabric collection
is a sewing fairy tale that is sure to
end happily ever after!


what you are looking at is an illustrative
fabric collection, meant to spark a story of
your own!  *one with a happier ending
in this case!

the story...  it ends in a happy gathering.

the cast of tried and true characters...

my first ditzy!

this pretty thing (inspired by ferns)

a classic check with a hand drawn feel.

the perfect red dotty fabric to make your
own magical cape!

and the woodgrain is back to help tell 
your wooded story!!!

I can not wait to see what you all make!
so please show me...
*instagram is a great place to share stuff
what you make with me (and the world),
 just tag me #coridantini
#littleredridinghood   when sharing
your creation!

**but do NOT use #little red 
(that hashtag is scary!)

HA!!!  i learned that the hard way.

happy making peoples.