Friday, August 15, 2014

the runaways

when i was seven i was going to run away.
i packed a hobo bag (you know...
a hanky filled up with the
stuff i thought i needed, tied onto a stick).

i put my bonnet on (yes my bonnet),
threw that hobo stick over my shoulder
and was heading out the door when my
mom asked, "where are you going?"
"i am running away from home" i said

i was so certain this was a good idea...
then my mom said, "oh, please don't go.  i will miss you."

so i stayed.

*this is what i was thinking of when i made this little painting.
that bag filled with hope.  that bunny with all kinds
of ideas in his head.  such a big world!

(sometimes i still want to run away and go and see it)



  1. Love this! At about this same age my brother packed a bag with his Pooh Bear and a change of clothes and said the same thing to our mom. Although I was more than willing to see him go, mom expressed the same sentiment as yours. . .so he stayed.

  2. Oh, I love this! I ran away from home when I was a kid. I took my two special 50-cent pieces and walked two miles to my best friend's house.

  3. this is so cute!!! I too did something similar innocent!

  4. Dear Cori, I used to do that too!

  5. i love knowing i am not alone in this...