Friday, August 1, 2014

Mary Blair!


i am getting ready to go on vacation
and i am planning on reading all about
Miss Mary Blair while i am lounging at the beach.

Miss Mary is the gal i will be covering 
in the Studying Under the Masters Course.
(i think she is so cool- and i hope you will
think so too).

the vacation you ask?  well it's on the Oregon Coast

(maybe i will see a mermaid!)

or get a chance to play ball~

perhaps some ducks will walk by...

or i might get a chance to blow some bubbles
with my sweet nephew leo...
(that would be fun)

i will definitely be cooling off on the coast
(it is 95 degrees here on the palouse)!
THIS will be a really nice feature of the
break, a chance to drop the temperature.

mostly i am just excited to hang with 
my family again... because it has been 
WAY too long!

can't wait to get started!
on the vacation and on my research.

wish me luck.

OOx, cori

if you'd like to take the course with me (and the other 5 FAB women)
you can do it right here.
(right NOW!!!)