Sunday, July 27, 2014

to teach, or not to teach... (that is the question)

over the past few years i have been asked
to teach various work-shoppy types of things,
and i have ALWAYs declined.  

you see...
i don't think of myself as a teacher (although
i do think i may have many things i could share).  i am blunt.
i am not the most eloquent speaker... i sometimes
have a hard time getting to the point, and 
when i do i often surprise myself with a 
truth i didn't even know i held!

but here is the story... i was recently asked to be 
part of a workshop (details to come), and i totally ignored
the email, because i was so freaked out by it.
what would i have to say about that?  i might sound
dumb?  what on earth would i say....  basically i totally
shut down and panicked, YET i was still
considering it.  you know... so i could "grow".

so i am putting my son to bed one night, and i say
to him, "i have to get up now so i can see if i am really
going to be able to teach this class.  i have research to do...
and i need to tell the nice lady by tomorrow, 
if i am in or not."

"what is it exactly?" Henry asks... so i tell him (again details to follow),
and my smart little guy says, "MOM! that sounds like
a fifth grade report."  and i thought... you, my clever fellow,
are entirely correct!  so i marched to the phone
and called and accepted the challenge.

and now for the past 6 weeks i have been trying to enjoy
summer while freaking out about what i said yes too. 
(my arms actually hurt when i think about it!)
*don't tell...

i keep running into quotes, and words of wisdom
about personal growth and saying yes to things
that scare you.  basically, things that you 
resist and fear should be tackled
as personal growth opportunities.

well i hope that's right,
because i said YES!

(i hope)...


wish me luck- and maybe i'll see you there?
*details to follow!


  1. You will do splendidly, Cori. You have so much to share. Just be yourself and a reflection of your wonderful and thoughtful artwork.

  2. oh my goodness i hope you are right SUZYMcQ!

  3. Ohmygosh, how exciting for you in a gut twisting kinda way!
    The way you describe yourself, there at the top of the post, makes me think you'd be the best kind of teacher.
    You've got me anxious to hear all of the details!

  4. I don't know you but from what I see in your art you have a lot to share with the world. you make beautiful art and you must be a very beautiful person so anyone would be lucky to be part of your class. Good luck!

  5. Yes go for it you will be amazing, please say its in the UK and I'm there like a flash �� Becky (the little wolf illustration)

  6. No worries Cori. You seriously define fabulous in your laugh and smile and all you do! :) Just be yourself and they will adore you dear.

  7. I hope it's online so we can all share the class.

  8. My dear friend, every time I talk with you... I am inspired! You are talented and honest, and yes blunt! which I absolutely adore :) If I can I will be there, and you can always practice on me! Ha.

  9. Squeal!! You are one of my favorite artists and I can spot your work from a mile away - I recently saw a notebook in the bookstore and said - "that's a Cori Dantini picture on the cover" - my cousin looked through it and was amazed when your named showed up in the back. I also love your chapter in Craft-a-Doodle!
    Was inspired by your owl tissue box to make an owl of my own -
    I sound like a creepy stalker but I am a big admirer of your art!! Count me in!

  10. Cori, I freaked a little too, when Jeanne asked me to teach a class on her network. As you said, it's a growth opportunity. You will be great! Have fun with it. She and Kelly are very supportive.

  11. you have seen my heart and expressed it so well....Love your talent and grateful for your inspiration...

  12. love this honest post - you are going to do great, be your creative self and goodluck!!!

  13. Cori, honestly, this is a dream come true - if not for you (until you realize it in full, lol!) it sure it for me. I have been hoping for this for SO long!!! And GROWTH is a good but maybe scary thing. It can only take your art to new heights! Go girl, go!!!! This is fantastic news!

  14. Get 'er done woman, you are fantastic!

  15. You are going to be wonderful. I will have to check out where you will be!

  16. You will be fabulous ����

  17. of couse i am just a "stranger" on the wide web, but i know you will be amazing beyond belief, because sheesh just look at your incredible work & style and your beautiful writing voice. congratulations on your scary and wonderful leap!

  18. I think a fifth grade report is perfect for you and us, then nobody needs to be scared!! I sure hope I can make it.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Jane Makuch

  19. You are fabulous, funny and warm and you have a TON to offer just based on your mass of creativity and work ethic alone! You've got this!