Monday, July 28, 2014

the BIG news!

might you consider sitting next to me while i study under a master-
all in hopes that i might inspire the artist in you to find
your own creative voice in the process.

i am just crazy for this notion of studying under someone.
watching them and learning from them while they
show you their own way, all in hopes
of helping YOU to find your own path, to your own
process.  i am so excited to see what transpires!
(because i have no idea as of yet, what will 

if you do decide to join us, you will get to travel
with six different teachers, each who will be studying
"under a master" of their own choosing.  

Cori Dantini (that's me)- Mary Blair
Jeanne Oliver- Vincent Van Gogh
Teresa McFayden- Pablo Picasso
Jane Davenport- Frida Kahlo
Gillian Lee Smith- Max Beckmann 

Robin Fingher- Brett Whiteley

would you consider joining us as we become the “apprentice”?

regardless of your ability, there is something to 
learn here, so if this speaks to your heart,
come and join us!  let's take this trip together.

OOx, cori




This 6 week course begins September 30, 2014   
the early registration price is $49 and will go up to $62 on September 1
(the class will be available for 2 years) 

After you have paid from the link below, please go to and register on the site where the course is held.  Once you have registered and your account is approved you will be added to the course before the class begins on September 30.  
Thank you.
(SO MUCH)!!!