Wednesday, April 10, 2013

patterns patterns and more patterns...

i have come to the conclusion that
i LOVE making patterns out of my
paintings.  i could do it for HOURS
and hours...  perhaps days and days.

here is some proof!

it sort of brings out this really compulsive characteristic
i seem to have, which goes something like this...

ooh, this is pretty.
i wonder what happens if i do this,
and then this...  and if i grab that
and i use it...  and then and then

on and on and on i can go.

and then all of a sudden all my work hours are gone!

hope you are all busy doing something
you love.

OOx, c.


  1. Cori, I was in my friend's studio yesterday for the day. I spot a Kleenex box with your owls on it, which thrills me because I have not seen them in Canada yet. My friend says "Yes, I love the owls, but it doesn't say who the artist is." So I say "I KNOW who the artist is because I not only have a framed owl from her series in my house, but also have one of her birds tattooed on my leg. It's Cori Dantini."

    Small word. *grins*

  2. BRILLIANT! I love these. I can relate to the compulsive need to tweak just one more.
    I've always loved your work, Cori, and it's so cool seeing you evolve.

  3. Ooo I love the second to last one, with the yellow flowers! So pretty! I'd love to have it as a cell phone case or as a pillow or pretty much anything!

  4. These are all stunning, amazing! You could stock he world's catalogue of wallpaper or fabric designs! I'd be scared of starting to do this with mine, I'd never ever ever stop!xx

  5. It's like a Cori Kaleidoscope! I love your patterns and I can see how you'd enjoy spending time making them. :)

  6. These are great. I hope to see some fabric by you in the near future :) Creating patterns are addictive and the things you can do with fabric and patterns is endless!

  7. They're all beautiful Cori. So much fun!

  8. I sell greeting cards & gift wrap published by "Phoenix Trading" a UK company who also trades in the USA and I think your designs are lovely and very retro. You probably already have your artwork published, but do take a look at the "Artists Wanted" section on my website and see if it appeals to you ... its do let me know if you do!!

  9. LOVE them.. I think you need to do a fabric line!!

  10. Hello Cori, I first saw your work in Somerset Magazine, and was delighted when Derek Sheffield sent me this link. Your designs remind me of William Morris's, but prettier, and far more cheerful. They'd be wonderful on craft papers and journal covers!