Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Somerset March 2013!

I am SO tickled by this!

this is one of those too good to be 
true moments for me.

i have ALWAYS admired the Somerset Studio magazine...
but i had read the submission guidelines...
i knew you had to submit your own
ideas, articles, pictures to be lucky enough to find
your way into one of the beauties, and that
frankly scared the you know what out of me!  

now if you have read my blog you KNOW i don't
consider myself to be a writer (or a teacher).  
and because of that i always assumed i would never
be able to get into the "Vogue of the paper world"
because what would i write about?  how many 
years would it take me not only to formulate an 
idea that was magazine worthy, but to then
turn around and write about it...  
that would take ANOTHER YEAR (at least) !!! 

so i let the dream go...  which was sad, but honestly
knowing how i labor over the words made that okay.

but then i got the stop what your doing and do a little
dance email that made my year!  hi coir, would you be 
interested in....   you can imagine the rest. 
and of course i was absolutely THRILLED TO BITS!

and what you are looking at here is the lovely proof
that it really did happen.  OH!  the joy!

could someone pinch me.  this really does seem
to good to be true.

 thank you Christen Olivarez
thank you Somerset magazine.

thank you for doing what you 
do and doing it, oh so well...



  1. Fantastic, well done! Your work well deserves it.xx

  2. Absolutely lovely...I'll have to buy this issue. Congrats to you!

  3. Congratulations Cori! You are PERFECT for Somerset's pages! I can't imagine why they didn't ask you sooner! I am thrilled for you & will keep an eye out for your issue. Welcome to the "Published in Somerset" club! *hugs*

  4. I love your work and was so happy to see it in the Magazine. I also picked up some tissue boxes with owls on them that I know HAS to be your work!! I also had the same experience with Somerset mag. I was always afraid to submit any work because I do not consider myself a writer either! But I got an e-mail from them as well and the rest is history. My first publishing comes out in April. I just posted pictures on my blog too. Congrats!!!!

  5. Glad for you! It looks fantastic. I saw some owl journals yesterday at a shop not one mile from my home. So glad; especially since I scoured Targets for the Kleenex boxes to no avail! :-] Love seeing your work around.

  6. You're a Cover Girl! Congrats Sweet Lady!

  7. Cori I am so thrilled that you submitted this because it is how I found you:) And let me just say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work. I so enjoyed reading your article and staring at your art over and over again on the pages. And it is not too good to be true, you are just that AWESOME and I am so happy to have found you!!!!
    Much love,

  8. Saw it on the magazine rack at Michaels the other day! Congratulations! Hoping one day to be as well known and sought after as you!

  9. Yay!!! So excited for you. I will be picking up this issue for sure! Congratulations!

  10. I just bought the issue last night...what a FANTASTIC display of your art!!! Your etsy sales are going to skyrocket, I betcha. I've followed your incredible work for quite a while, and now, throngs more will discover your amazing talent! Congratulations on such a well-deserved feature. You must be over the moon :-)

  11. Congrats! Your work is so beautifully shown in the latest issue! You truly deserve the attention.

  12. So awesome for you, and Well deserved!!! I love your work and thing it is so fantastic, now so many more will think the same!

  13. Congratulations, Cori! I saw it, too, and it's a wonderful article filled with your gorgeous artwork! :)

  14. Hi Cori! I meet you at a Custer Spokane show a few years ago I am the doll lady that was across from you at that show and bought the pink pink you stink! when i saw your cover at our local scrapbook store i knew it was you and got really excited everyone around me was like whats up lady, I am super happy for you!!!! I also have a dream to be in a somerset pub but like you its a bit terrifying. A big congrats your way you totally deserve it! Are you thinking of doing the Wenatchee Custer show in Oct if so maybe I'll catch up with you there. kay

  15. Brilliant! I will be on the hunt for this publication. I love all their magazines and it has been a dream of mine to pitch something worthy of Belle Armoire. Some day.... So happy for you! I will do a happy dance when I spot it. And I don't care who will see. Enjoy the day, Miss Cori! Erin

  16. Already bought it and it's a great article, Cori. You deserve this!

  17. Cori I am soooo happy for you!!! I don't even know you, but I feel such a connection to your work. I am a fan of your art and this is my first time buying this magazine and your work was on it! Of all people! It was a sign!It was a treasure find,LOved your article! Congratulations!!!!! LOTS of Creative LOVE! Peace girly <3Denise

  18. The pages look just glowing, congrats Cori!! Wish I was somewhere in the world where I could get hold of a copy (I live on a small greek island with not a chance to ever find this mag) sigh.... So thrilled for you!

  19. congratulations, Cori! i'm so happy for you! those guys at somerset have a great eye for who to feature. your work is GORGEOUS!

  20. Congrats Cori! Your artwork is absolutely beautiful. Well deserved! :)

  21. I grabbed this issue the second I saw your work on the cover....and I was so happy to find so many pages full of your art! Very Exciting & Inspiring!!

  22. I discovered your work in 2009, and check in with your art often. It makes my heart leap. I knew the day would come when you would be a household name, but selfishly I liked you being a secret. Now I have to share you with the world...sigh... lol. You inspire us creatives with the the thought that anything is possible. Just do your thang and it will happen. Bless you and your sweet art:)

  23. Congrast Cori! :D
    I could so relate to reading your words~ You expressed how I too felt. I have never wanted a huge career, but to be an artist~ So refreshing to read your authentic voice~ Thank you for being brave and sharing YOU!

  24. It is a beautiful feature! Bought my copy the other night and loved reading it. Love the Demdaco story!

  25. J'ai ma revue c'est vraiment très beau et tres inspirant merci à toi Cori

  26. Congratulations Cori, it was very inspiring seeing your work featured in Somerset Studio. job well done :) Linda

  27. This magazine is how I found you and now I am ordering some of your bedding and can't wait to get some of your new fabric line. Simply beautiful work!

  28. Hi Cori! I just discovered your fabric panels from a quilter on Craftsy! I love the 3 little garden girls, "girls in bloom" where can I find them?? I saw your etsy shop, but it appears this is not fabric, is that correct? I did find "the sweet life' panel on an online shop referred by Blend Fabrics... Your work is so wonderfully whimsical, so happy to have stumbled upon you! :)

  29. Just realized I didn't leave an email! :) Meredith