Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Palouse Empire Fair

once upon a time i designed clip art.
200 images a week.  yes... 40 a day.
i drew cars, people in ethnic costumes,
specific places like the Potola (look it up).
it was challenging and it made me really
good at drawing.

...tangent #1...
tonight i was at an art opening up at WSU.
i went to see my favorite (retired) painting professor
jo hockenhull...  we used to call her jo rock 'n roll,
she was awesome, and it appears she still is.

anyway- i am rambling.  i met a nice lady tonight
and we were discussing my rendering skills - and
i made the comment that i should be a good drawer
as i used to design 200 blah blahs a week!

...tangent #2...
THEN i went to my sisters and she said, "when is the
county fair?"  i had no idea - so i looked it up and not
only did i find the information, BUT
(from nine million years ago)

so funny to stumble upon it out of the blue like that.

OOx c.

(lame picture... but i couldn't do a screen shot
because i don't know how!)


  1. Wow, Cori, 200 a week is a lot... and how funny (& rewarding, I'm sure) that the image on the fair ad was yours!
    I think your designs are wonderful and I am always entranced each time I look at your Etsy shop. :)

  2. no wonder your renderings are so beautiful. wow 40 a day! i adore your creativity!
    (just to help out... command/shift/4... i too didn't know how to take a screen shot for a long time until my son showed me how. )

  3. You are just too amazing. btw, whats a screen shot? ;)