Wednesday, July 11, 2012

a little of what is new...

 i have been painting and painting for 
the past 6 months to get ready for my big summer show
(BAM) that happens in two weeks, and i will
be in booth P-14.

thought i would show you some of what i have been working on before
i run off and sell ALL of it!  i think i made about
100 or more new paintings this year...

and here you will find just a few...

(i love this one...  with the poppies)

i even made some big ones...

(a detail of the above)

and then i made this one which is called flower girls.

small detail...(i love this little girl)

anyway... this is what i have been doing for the
past 180 days.  

if you are in the seattle area the last weekend of JULY
i would love it if you came and said hello!

okay... i have to go and pack the car so we can 
leave for a vacation first... and then the BAM show.

OOx  c.


  1. These are all so beautiful! Good luck with the show.

  2. cori! i've never actually seen what these things look like in 3 dimensions! that is so cool how you mounted them. i love seeing your new work! you are soooo prolific. gives girls like me a bit of encouragement to keep working. do you paint on paper or wood? how do you display these in your tent at the fair? i SO wish i could visit you in person! good luck at the fair!

  3. *Loves*

    You are one of my all time fav artists. I love the gentleness and simple, clean lines of your work. I hope at some point, there will be prints? :)

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for the sneak peak. I'm starting to see more of your art popping up in card shops AND I have a blanket now from one of your drawings. It's so cool to have found your blog and then see your work really replicate and be out in the world! Congratulations.

  5. Good luck with the show! Although your work is so beautiful, I don't think you need're going to do great no matter what!

  6. what about the folks that don't live near one of your shows? :)

  7. Wow beautiful, every single one!!

  8. I love ALL of your creations and just seeing them makes me want to get my butt in gear and start painting again!!!

  9. Cori, these are wonderful. I especially love the nurture goodness. Hope to see you at BAM.

  10. I just love the new paintings...and so will absolutely everyone else. My fav is the no place like home....can't wait for a print of that! I saw your cards here in spokane...but I am dying to see your other products!!!
    Thanks for making the world even prettier!!
    Hudson's Holidays

  11. Lovely work, as always!
    Enjoy your vacation! :)

  12. Fabulous Cori!! Thank you for sharing pics!! Have a fabulous show!

  13. LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY! Congrats!!!

  14. I think the one with the poppies or the trio would make excellent prints for your shop... you know, for those of us who might not be able to make it to BAM. :) Gorgeous work!

  15. Will these be available as prints?

  16. Cori, I'm ready to buy prints of these so I hope they'll be available in your Etsy shop. So utterly fine, charming and meaningful.Just simply gotta have some for my wall. LOVE your work... love it!

  17. How fun Cori! I just adore your work. I am in the middle of watching our video with Monica Lee But actually I have been a follower of your work much much longer. :) Good luck this summer with shows. -laura.

  18. i just love every last one of them!!!!!!

  19. Oh! These make my heart so happy! Are you going to put prints of these in your etsy?? I am sure they will all sell at BAM, and I live too far away to come buy them up!! :o( Hopefully you will put prints of them up. please :o)

  20. Cute drawings!!! Thanks for sharing them