Thursday, June 7, 2012

my BLEND fabrics!

so sweet and girly!

there is a pink colorway and an orange/yellow
colorway...  PLUS look at this cool quilt!

*one of these days, when i get a little bit of free
time, i am going to try my hand at some sort of doll
(will post photos when it happens)
don't hold your breathe!  i am booked solid through
august, so it may take a bit of time to make it happen.

thanks for looking.
happy sewing everyone!



  1. These are gorgeous Cori! Congratulations on all your recent successes! You are most deserving!

  2. this fabric line of yours is scrumptious!! You must be pinching yourself, with all of these recent, well-deserved successes!! beautiful stuff.

  3. I love this line Cori! I have a teeny-tiny fabric store and we only pick the very best designs.... these definitely made the cut! And no surprise, it's been a customer favorite!

    1. i love to hear that, thank you for sharing!

  4. Whaaaaaat?? I love love love. Cannot wait to order. xx

  5. I love them all! Even your little seed design, so simple yet so wonderful.
    Jess xx

  6. Congratulations Cori, they're gorgeous fabrics!
    You must be so pleased with them :D

  7. i just wish i had the time to learn how to sew!
    don't get me wrong... i know how to "use" a sewing machine, for things like patches!

  8. Wow!--I just saw your fabrics on Hawthorne Threads and I've gotta admit to being a little bit obsessed with your work! It is just fabulous--I browsed your Etsy shop and scoped out your blog and I'm pretty blown away...I love it all!


  9. So excited for your success! Must be overwhelming, but the most satisfying sense of accomplishment! Congratulations!

  10. Hi there.....I just bought two cards of yours while visiting Portland...and now I see you have fabric...not sure, but I am guessing it is the new stuff I saw at Hawthorne Threads and LOVED!!! Love your work and so glad I found you!

  11. I HAD to have the big Girls in Bloom panels and the smaller squares as well -- not sure what I'll do with them yet but I'm letting ideas simmer and bubble to the surface while I finish my current quilt. Thank you for creating such loveliness!

    Yo amo tu trabajo, mucho!

  13. so incredible, just saw a blanket made with the bloom girls!!!! knew it was you and really want to get some of the fabric....I cannot find it on the link though. is it no longer for sale? can you help a beginner sewer out and help me find a bit please :)

    thanks!!!! i really would love my girls to snuggle with your girls