Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy the Future (with Demdaco)

I can finally say it out loud...

I am super excited to announce my BIG SECRET!
which is...  I have a gift line coming out this summer
*this is where i jump up and down while i giggle!!!

(it is with the lovely company Demdaco).

there are paper lanterns and wall art (loads of wall art),
some of which are rather good size,

a family tree (magnet board),

a metal perpetual wall calendar,

a wooden (4 season) perpetual calendar
*this has a different wooden panel for 
each season...  super cute.

the coolest clock ever...

a fun mobile,

a magnetic memo board,
(these guys are big)
casual serving trays,

and supercool (yes one word)...

honestly i need to go and pinch myself.
two years is a long time to keep such a big secret.

*my apologies for the photos
(i only have the pdf catalog images to work
with, but i do hear that the photos don't
do the work any justice)

i can hardly wait to get my samples so 
i can see for myself!

OOx  c.


  1. WHOO HOO!! Your line is gorgeous!

  2. MUST HAVE THE CLOCK, THE ORNAMENTS, THE CALENDERS, THE SERVING DISHES!!!! OH MY I can't wait, you are sooo super talented! So glad you did that one Custers show so I found your amazing work!

  3. How wonderful, Cori! Everything looks a beautiful and that Owl clock is incredible! Congratulations!!!

  4. Such great news!! Your work is so appealing and the product line, so much fun. The owl clock is too cute!!

  5. OMG I want everything!! Its all darling. Congratulations!!!

  6. Wow that's fabulous news and very well deserved too.......congratulations x

  7. Wow, wonderful! Congratulations!

  8. great collection! congrat on this collaboration. :)


  9. Beautiful! How thrilled you must be!! You are very inspirational :)

  10. Thank goodness this is finally coming out....you must be so thrilled....the work is wonderful and I will need to have some of it...I love the owl clock!

  11. Eeeeeeeek!! I want one of everything please!

  12. I'm salivating as I look through all your new goodies! Can't wait to shop for them.....and share with little ones!

    Sandy M.

  13. Hip Hip Hurrah! It's a wonderful line!!!! Yay for you!

  14. Yes! Congratulations, Cori!!!

  15. the paper lanterns are over-the-top cute!!

  16. How exciting! Everything looks amazing!

  17. I want that and that and that!!!! where do we get them?

  18. Go Cori! This is so exciting, I want to be able to buy it on your website (so you can make all the money!!)

  19. I would buy everything! Congratulations!!!

  20. Cori, What AWESOME news!!! Congrats. Everything looks wonderful, it will be hard to chose. Savor these moments and don't let your feet touch the ground, for a while atleast! ;)

  21. congratulations! such a BIG DEAL! and the product is beautiful!! :)

  22. awesome possum! Hard work and a bit of sparkle, happy!

  23. That's is simply amazing! All the items look gorgeous! Congrats! :)

  24. Where else can I find this line to purchase....?

  25. Hi Cori! I just wanted to say hello and how thrilled I am to find your licensed work!! First I saw your fabrics in the Hancock's of Paducah catalog and bought 6 of each panels of your girls! I knew without hesitation they would be awesome as collage elements on my aprons, bags and dresses. I have made several so far using them and everyone who sees them fall in love! So THANK YOU for that! Secondly I had seen and purchased several boxes of Kleenex because it had your great owl illustrations and I just knew they must be done by you- then I walked into a gift shop several weeks ago in Punta Gorda (at the Fisherman's Wharf Shopping Center) and there were your owl & girl ornaments and the owl clock!!! I had tears of joy- literally, I know that's corny, but true and I am going back to get more of your work- I love the look of your art and illustrations and wish you great success as you continue to create and share it with the world! I hope you will be designing more fabric! Anyway- I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that your work brightens the lives of many, including me! Rock on, sistah!

  26. I love your art! Where are the ornaments for sale? I was on your etsy site and didn't see them anywhere or a link? I love the birds. Your so lucky to get your work published this way! Keep it up :)

  27. Cori,

    I love your art! Is there anywhere this line can still be purchased? In particular, the bird ornaments?