Friday, May 20, 2011

karenza paperie!

i amaze myself daily by all the things i do 
not get... or understand.  i suppose you could say
i am a simple thinker.  
 i understand a lot about pencils and pens,
perhaps a bit about pattern even.

BUT, i fail to understand how to share stuff
(always thinking, why would anyone want to know
this about me?  why should i share that?  if i talk about
this i will sound like such a braggedy brag brat).  
so i don't share.
because who likes a bragger?

BUT... i am also starting to realize fully, that
i live and work in the studio, and that is a lonely
place.  a place where i can't say, HEY!  look at
this cool blog post someone wrote about me.
isn't that nice? there is no one here to smile
at me, or even acknowledge that it happened,
which makes my favorite place (the studio)
feel a little bit isolating.

so today i am sharing a link with you about 
me!  it is on a lovely blog called Karenze Paperie,
and if you press this it will take you there!

Karenze Paperie... is a lovely British stationary shop,
where you can find some REALLY cool cards
(mine are even on there!).

OOx  c.


  1. Hi Cori,
    I know how you feel about being isolated, I do too! The studio is fun, but lonely sometimes. Believe me.....we love to hear about you and your good isn't bragging at all. When you share about inspire others!!!!
    See you at Farm Chicks!
    Hudson's Holidays

  2. It's why I read people's blogs, (and write my own) to know what they're up to and share stuff. :) It can get a bit quiet in the studio for sure. And I've never heard of Karenza Paperie and I live in the UK so thanks for the heads up. LOVE stationery! And your work (I recently bought a print from you on Etsy and love it to pieces). Tara :)

  3. hello! i lurk here from time to time and after reading this post i've decided to come out of lurkdom (new word!) to say that i am alone in my studio a lot too! i enjoy your work and your writing. i shall post here more often...i find this way i am sort of building a community of studio buddies! :)

  4. Hi Cori, i love to read your blog and all your news etc. I know what you mean about the studio being isolated, i felt like that for a long time, but when i moved here to Montgomery (UK) i opened my lovely shop and now i spend a bit of time in the studio and the shop meeting people and showing and selling them my art. Never heard of karenza paperie (i'm also in UK) the cards are gorgeous, your especially! xx

  5. Oh, Cori, we love you. I am glad you brag now and then. Just think of it more as "keep us informed". And I loved them so much that I ordered a set for a friend who loves owls.

  6. Thank you for the lovely post Cori. Hello Tara & Tina you probably have not heard of us as we are a small family run online store. We launched in March so we are just getting going :) Thank you for the nice comments about our cards - I work really hard to source unusual cards all made in the UK to give my customers a good choice. Hello Paula as well - I think the order I processed for the US earlier must be for you so I hope you love the cards. I also included a free card which I think you will love and I use commemorative stamps so I put a wide selection on so the envelope looks really cute. Hopefully it will be with you in a week and you really love everything! Thanks again Cori for the beautiful artwork :)

  7. Always celebrate your accomplishments. Even if it is shouting into the wind or posting it on your blog. Your work is beautiful and refreshing. I appreciate that you are sharing your work and thoughts.

    I feel that it is similar to the saying if no one is there to witness the tree falling, does it make a sound. The accomplishment feels hallow if you aren't able to share it. I look forward to hearing about your next adventure! Thank you for sharing.

  8. I only have the delight of finding your blog now (however have drooled over your etsy shop for a while!) but am happy to do so on the day you braggety brag from the rooftops :) Sooo well deserved...both the lovely post by Karenza Paperie and the self proclaimed "hoooray!!" :)

  9. yes, please brag more often! I have a hard time with this too. it's hard to sit down and write about yourself. but thank you for the link to karenza paperie, they do have pretty cards!

  10. Just to let you know more of Cori's lovely cards have been ordered so will be updating our online store the moment they are here (hopefully end of the week) and then I will be having an extra special competition so make sure you all enter!

  11. I love your style, it is very beautiful! I'm glad I discovered your blog!

  12. From 1 Cori to another, "Your illustrations are DeLiGhtFuL!!!!

    I like the way you spell your name
    xoxo Cori