Monday, April 25, 2011



these photos came to me on friday last week,
so i thought i would share them!  

what you are looking at is an illustration i
did for STAPLETON, a lovely neighborhood in Denver, CO
(my stomping grounds for nine years).

I have never done an illustration that became so big

my fave is the train.  how cool is that?  a train, (a train)!

truly a career highlight for me!

hope you are all well... spring feels like it has not
arrived here on the palouse, although the flowers seem 
to feel that it is here (which is nice).  i just wish the snow,
rain, hail, slush, would stop and the sun would shine.  
oh... mr. sun please come shine on me.

on a side note, i am in the throws of a month of art/craft shows.
i have done two in the past three weekends, and i have another
next weekend.  THEN- i plan on painting for the following 7 weeks
to prepare for the cherry creek art festival (Denver), and the 
BAM art fair (Bellevue, WA) show.
I can hardly wait to get dirty again.  it feels like ages
since i have played with my paints.

okay everybody...  have a great week.  work hard and
make time for some fun. 

OOx  c.


  1. WOW!!! I love trainsss and your work was in a train, that's just beyond cool! :D!!

  2. Those are fabulous!! How exciting to have your work so beautifully displayed!
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  3. You rock Cori-that's really cool! Congratulations! It couldn't have happened to a more talented artist.

  4. I have admired your work for quite some time now and was excited to see this post! I have noticed these billboards all over town (I live in Denver) and thought they were AWESOME! Looking forward to the Cherry Creek ARts Festival!!

  5. Super cool corid!
    Our newscasters are using the term sprinter to describe our current season, which seems to fit.

  6. ah! your art is MAGICAL! Beautiful, wonderful! (can you tell I really really love it! :o) I found your etsy shop then googled your blog. Im so happy you have one! :o) Thank you so much for sharing your awesomeness!!! From one magpie to another I will definitly be bringing some of your art home to my nest!! :o) Have a super day!! Tammy

  7. Congrats that is amazing! I love your work!