Monday, January 5, 2009

back to the studio (a little tour)

this is it. this is where i sit most every day...
i draw here, i paint here, i glue here.
i make a really REALLY big mess here (most every day).

over the years i have discovered that i just can't seem
to throw out an old paint brush.
one never knows when you might need a crusty old brush to apply
a thick layer of YES glue or perhaps to chisel through a layer of paint.

paper, pencil, marker, glitter.
you name it and i probably have it somewhere (in spades).
in my mind there is nothing worse than
needing something and not having it in your reach.

and that would explain why i have all these bins filled with bits and bobs.
i have beads (and more beads), old paper, new paper, tape, wire,
glitter, stamps, ink, pen nibs, fabric, labels, stickers, paper punches,
ribbon, jars and jars of old game pieces.
ONE MUST BE PREPARED. it's actually becoming a bit ridiculous,
but i can't seem to stop!


  1. Oh how pretty! I just love to see the love to see all the behind the scenes moments and jars full of pens and pencils. Just lovely!

  2. Hi Cori!
    What fun to get a glimpse inside your studio! Thank you!
    Hey Congratulations by the way on your paintings being featured in Stringing Magazine this month! I was so pleased to see them there! I was so surprised, I'm like HEY I KNOW HER! ha!

  3. i will have to follow up with what it looks like when it is messy. it is ABSOLUTELY terrifying!!!

  4. i love when we share our spaces!
    what a great space to creat in Cori.
    thanks for sharing.

  5. I loved seeing where you work...your work is exquisite!!

  6. All the pencils divided into colors are lovely. It is so great to see your studio. I bet it is nice having that window, no longer creating in the basement.

  7. i have TWO windows... and you have no idea what an improvement it is. much better than the cob web covered sunken windows i had in denver!!!

  8. I just found your work from the front page of etsy. I love it, especially what seem to be the illustrations for your friend's book--wonderful. Keep it up. I know how hard it is among the various jobs of wifing and mothering!

  9. Hi Cori

    Me, too - saw your work on etsy - it's beautiful! I just recently joined etsy myself. A fun venue and great way to meet other artists!


  10. What a beautiful creative space you have. I know what you mean about collecting bits and bobs. You just never know what you might want to use.