Friday, December 12, 2008


well here is this years tree!
we zoomed out of the house at 3:30 and raced the setting sun to a tree farm (which closes at sunset), out at the base of moscow mountain. we got there just in time to use what was left of the days light to find our perfect tree, or i should say, find MY perfect tree. it seems i am the only one with an agenda when it comes to the "PERFECT TREE". i like tall. slim. lots of spaces... i want to load up the tree with ALL my ornaments. not float them on the outer rim of the tree.

this year was fun because i had help. my son henry was eager for the first time to ooh and ahh over all the ornaments and to help in the hanging of them. and my little niece matilda came over... her job seemed to be to line all the glass ornaments up on the floor.

it really was a wonderful time... i am not sure lucy (our dog) is loving the tree much. she has been displaced from her home behind the couch. so she has been wandering from room to room looking for her new hidey hole, which really doesn't exist. sorry lucy...

anyhow... here is the tree in all it's lovely glory.


  1. It's beautiful Cori!
    Your ornaments are comfy at home on my tree too!

  2. thank you lorelei... i am glad you are happy with them (as i am with your lovely creations).