Friday, September 23, 2016

Mermaids in the shop!

i don't know if you've noticed...
but i have been busy.
so busy that i can barely keep up
with all the things i am suppose to be doing.

but, yesterday i made time to list the mermaid
prints that go with my new fabric collection


This collection was an absolute delight to create...
i even branched out and tried my hand at a piece
of fabric that we are calling an "all over" print...

at the bottom of the sea, in light blue

at the bottom of the sea, in dark blue

and i made this fish print (which may be my
favorite design to date).

here fishy fish, in blue

here fishy fish, in coral

i was totally inspired by sea urchins while doing my 
research..  and came up with this fun print.

urchin garden in green

urchin garden in tan

then we will always have "seeds" as a wonderful
blender.  this fabric always amazes me...  i see it
used on the backs of quilts and it always adds just
a touch of whimsy, but still reads as a solid color 
somehow.  it should probably be renamed,
magical seeds!   

turquoise seeds

coral seeds

and for the perfect mermaid tale...  we have,

scallops, in green

scallops in turquoise

NOW... for the panels (large and small)

So, there you have it.  Can't wait see what you all
make with this collection.  as i always say, what is 
made is my favorite part.  so please share your creations
with me!  please oh please!!!

OH!  you can look for this fabric online, but check
your local retailers as well, cuz you never know!


if you go to Blends site, 
there is a free quilt pattern to go 
with the fabric

just press THIS!


  1. Excited to see this too ...lIve and in PerSon. I have a soft spot for Magical mermaids. Really like all your designs this is a wonderful Addition!

    1. thank you so much Annie. i have a soft spot for a mermaid as well! *swish swish*

  2. I found a card at Trader Joe's featuring one of your designs! I was so excited I bought 4...

    1. i haven't even seen the trader joe cards yet!!! how fun!

  3. Do you have any videos of you actually making art? I would love to see you work!

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