Friday, September 6, 2013

cleaning out the studio!!

we have been looking to buy a home for over
two years now, and we finally have found one!

this week we found out that
all things are a go (this is so exciting to me),
as i am a girl who day dreams about flooring
and kitchen counters.

anyway- as a result i am packing things
up and am going to sell my old paintings
(on my etsy site).   some of these paintings are
super duper old, and i find myself struggling
with whether or not i should sell them at all-
because they look NOTHING like what i make
now.   basically i have decided to get over
myself and to let the world have them
(if they want them)

these are the ones i found yesterday

(this actually became a greeting card years ago)

this was made in hopes of becoming a greeting card
(it didn't make the cut), but i thought it so cute i never
could paint over it.

this was made for fun, and i liked it so much i never
sold it- BUT did he ever make it onto the wall?  no.
so he is up for grabs!

weird but cool, right?  made for a father's
day card.

these ones are going up soon (i think)
but they are WAY old.  like almost 20 years
old.  been sitting in a folder and haven't
seen the light of day, well... ever.


i thought these were SO funny when i made them.

these are covered in wax which is
why they are so milky looking...

and these ones (above), i really love them,
but again, i never got them on the wall, so apparently
they need a home.

hopefully i can get them all up here in the next day or two, and
the world will help me out and find them some homes!

have a productive day,


  1. Congratulations on your new home!

  2. Yes, a big congratulations to you and yours on the new abode! Enjoy every moment and nest, nest, nest!

  3. In Israel it is now the beginning of a new year. This is very symbolic for a new start in a new home! I wish you a great time there!!!!!

    1. boy do we need a new start... i feel like the last 7 years have been the longest holding pattern in my life, and it will be so nice to say a big YES! to something.

      thank you so much for the good wishes (and telling me about the symbolic nature of this event). that really rings true.

      OOx cori

  4. How wonderful for you in all ways...Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations on your new house Cori. Have fun making the space your own! It's fun to see your older artworks - you can see the little hints that evolved into where your style is today. xo Ginger

    1. thanks for noticing... i can see them too now (i didn't for a long time), but now when i look at the old, i can see how it got me to where i am now. it is really cool.

      THAT is why i always tell people to make stuff. because eventually it will go somewhere. it really will...

  6. LOVE seeing your old work and a little peek into your journey to where you are now.

    Congratulations on your move! Isn't getting a fresh start in a new place creatively stimulating!