Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy the Future ONLINE!

a super (duper) BIG thank you
to the online boutique, Gabby's Gifts
for carrying my gift line, "Happy the Future"!

Some of you have been asking where to get
one thing or another, and i have been waiting
for an online presence i could share, and now
i finally have one!  YAY!!!

i just went and looked the site over, and they
have a very nice selection (but not everything
is there).  but... if you are in the need of paper
lanterns, ornaments (to be hung all year), wall art,
memo boards, or a family tree,
 Gabby's Gifts is where to find
it online!

(this photo is a shot i took at our local
hallmark store)

this one a friend of mine took in Boulder CO.

and these shots i took at our local flower shop
here in Pullman WA, called Neill's Flowers.

i just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone
for supporting me in this.  i have to pinch myself
sometimes to remind myself that it is true!!!

happy shopping.

OOx c.


  1. Just wonderful, WONDERFUL stuff, COri!! I'm going to keep my eye out for your collection in my local stores, but great to know I can order through Gabby's Gifts. I love it all. Congrats!!

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  3. Such an awesome collection! Bravo!!!

  4. Hi Cori....I have been wanting an owl clock of yours & Gabby's Gifts is no longer carrying your line....I am in Michigan and am having a difficult time finding a store who is carrying the line. Do you know of anyone who will ship?