Monday, January 7, 2013


happy new year everyone!
(happy happy new year)

it was a busy year, with so many things
to share with you.  unfortunately- not too many of them have
i made time to talk about (sorry).  but this one
was just a little too good not to mention!

recently i was contacted by the magazine, Spirituality and Health.

they were wondering if i would be willing to let them use
a couple of my bird illustrations for an article with 

ARE YOU KIDDING!!!  this is
so exciting- YES!  YES!!! i said. 
a resounding YES!

i absolutely love Anne Lamott...
if you haven't read anything by her you really should.  
one of my favorites is Operating Instructions.  she has the
 most refreshing take on reality.  I like it when people
can really speak the truth (and by does she).

here is the spread...

The article i a wonderful interview by Karen Bouris
who is the Editor in Chief at Spirituality and Health.
(and speaking of wonderful... the magazine is really 
terrific.  wish i had known about it sooner!)  

I am absolutely thrilled to have been partnered up
with someone as inspiring as Anne, and hope that there
are more super fun surprises coming my way (an yours).

happy 2013 winter everyone.
may this year bring everything you need to 
become more of who you are.

OOx cori


  1. Congrats Cori, how exciting to have your art used in such a sensitive and meaningful way... thrilled on your behalf.
    Hope to see a lot more of you on your blog pages this year - LOVE following your stories of progression. Your art is TRULY uplifting!!
    And a VERY happy New Year to you.

  2. This is wonderful Cori! I adore your illustrations and I don't blame them one bit for wanting to use them. They are truly inspiring!! I wish you an amazing new year.

  3. How wonderful Cori! You truly inspire me :)

  4. oh Cori, how inspiring. And the birdies are adorable.

  5. I knew that was you! Congratulations!!!!!

  6. Cori! We at S&H loved your art, and our readers love it, too! I'm so glad I found you, and hope to work with you again in the future.

  7. me too!!! me too... that was so great. *i was just in atlanta this past weekend and i purchased her new book to read in the air. IT WAS WONDERFUL! she is so amazing and i wish she was my neighbor.

  8. wow! what a beautiful combo, cori. love, love your work, and i know anne is a very special woman, too. both beautiful inspirations!! congratulations!