Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the old me...

this afternoon i started thinking about how i got 
where i am at in regards to my art.  

when i began doing art
(well after a bit of training), this is the kind of stuff
that i made.
(yes.  that is mine.)

*i used to love a small brush, and all the tiny details.
YET- i did NOT love artwork like this.
so i began to wonder why i made this sort of art
when it wasn't what spoke to my heart.
(this was18 years ago).

this wondering, caused me to think about what i was making
and how i was making it... which then lead me to take a hard
look at how i was using my tools.  basically, i decided to
shake things up a bit, which prompted me to switch
a few things around.
overnight i went from big paper and a small brush, to small 
paper and a big brush. 

 and look at what happened next...

i liked this...  
(i would buy this!)  

and then that work morphed into this...

which led me here...

then this lady showed up  (about 10 years ago)
out of the blue.

i made a big series of modern/organic paintings
at this point... 

 but toward the end of that body of
work the paper ladies showed up.

miss lucy (below) was the first.

and you know where this led?   it led to my etsy shop.
which led to me doing art shows, which led me to my agent...
who took my work to surtex, who got me a new
and different kind of work...  calendars, fabric, shower
curtains, a card line!

so, by changing up what i was doing, i ended
up right here, chatting to you about how
i ended up here.

there are SO many more parts to this story...
and perhaps i will visit them at a later date,
but i really don't want to bore you.

OOx  c.


  1. Bore me? No way. This is very inspiring. I have seen my artwork, my style change so much in the short time I've been seriously pursuing it, and I still sometimes feel like I haven't quite found "it." This inspires me to believe it will happen if I'm patient and keep doing what I enjoy!

  2. Love the very brief art journey through time to see things evolve! It's anything but boring and I'd love to hear/read more!

  3. It's interesting to look back and see where you began and how far you've come. What a love about art is that it calls you to evolve. It's constant growth and change and learning and for me that's what keeps it fresh and exciting.

    Keep on keepin' on Cori-you're doing fabulous work and you deserve every success!

  4. How interesting that, of these different styles, I begin to respond once we hit the painting with the church, with its use of white lines and the tree with its stripes...and those are very much elements that stay with your work today. Love it.

  5. Oh! Not boring at all - please tell us more!

  6. Such an inspiring post, Cori! I've been a fan of your work at Etsy, so it's wonderful to know your history through this. And of course, I fully agree. Art is a journey, and I don't think it has any ending. :)

  7. it's so wonderful to see your journey as an artist. congrats on having your wonderful art on bling boxes and shower curtains! the orange wouldn't have made it to those!

  8. I loved seeing how your are has evolved. i love the orange piece as well as all the others... you have had many styles and i feel that is wonderful!

  9. Not even remotely boring! I just love to see how people's work's not only inspiring, it's very encouraging!

  10. inspiring, fascinating, anything but boring!
    i love how you have developed your own style, thankyou for showing us your journey :)

  11. Your journey is so inspiring. For my birthday in Feb. my mom surprised me with a birthday card designed by you. I was so thrilled to know your line of work was available locally. Truthfully, your work makes my heart sing.....warmly, Sam Johnson

  12. I love this, it is so great to see where you came from artistically (I would buy those paintings too!)

  13. Goodness, this is far from boring! An artist's process is one of my favorite things to read about... probably because it's necessary for everyone but varies so much from person to person. I loved seeing the evolution of your style... what a big difference from the first piece to the last one!

  14. As a new artist finding her way I find this so inspiring and interesting. The journey of artists fascinates and encourages me since my own style and finding "me" in my artwork has been a winding path, it's nice to know I'm not alone.

  15. I've just started dabbling in painting, etc. and I find that my style changes all the time- that was discouraging me since the people that I admire, like yourself, seem to have their style all together. So nice to see your evolution and change that you've experienced over time - all beautiful!

  16. It's interesting for me that you weren't producing work that 'spoke to your heart'. I did the same thing a few years ago, produced what I thought I ought to.
    I had a 'lady' appear in my paintings recently too and she's still there at the moment, no idea how long her visit wil last. This is an unknown journey but that's the beauty of it isn't it? Thanks so much for sharing this Cori, I love your work and savour every insight into how you work. :)
    Jess xx

  17. I don't think you could ever be boring...I always think how wonderful it is that styles change and evolve... I amaze myself all the time with some of the things I's so much fun. I'm totally inspired by your artwork.. :)

  18. I love seeing the progression of your work! Thank you so much for sharing. It's given me a lot to think about.

  19. Love the modern organic painting and also that 2nd big paper/small brush that you said you'd buy. I'd also buy it :)

    Also very interesting to peek back and see how varied, yet most pieces look like it comes from one person.

  20. I was thinking how I'm going to change in my work! Today, I feel full of paths, and many references. But much more I want to express everything I feel.
    I love their work.
    Fabiella Flores

  21. love this post Cori! I'm doing a whole blog series on artist style changing and developing and I'll be linking to you as part of my series!

    1. i would love that (and thank you in advance claudine). i started realizing that i was seeing things in my paintings now that had happened y e a r s ago, but they were sorta new, and then i started pulling images and the story told itself!
      i can hardly wait to read your post!

    2. Love this post Cori! I recently went through old photos of my work (before digital cameras where in my world) and found paintings that I had long forgotten about....all of them predicting my future in the strangest of ways. I just love how art and artists spiral through cycles- circling through past ideas but always (hopefully) elevating to the next level. I'll have to do a blog like this of my own work. Thanks for the inspiration! Love your work...the whole spiral!

    3. I did it! Thanks for the idea!!!

  22. Cori- I just discovered your Etsy shop and blog and just LOVE your art! Thanks for sharing your journey and progression as an artist. I've been having similar feelings about my artistic style and it's comforting to know that we all are growing! I look forward to following your continued success. You GO girl!

  23. Hi Cori, thanks for sharing your's very conforting to know that it's a process...sometimes we think the art comes when we want it...and it's not like evolves...I feel better to know that you didn't come up with your "latest style" straight away...
    Love your work, you are very inspiring. Thanks a bunch x

  24. new here. stumbled upon ur work. love it. like u, too. loved this post as it spoke to me most. could be the best and brightest go thru this evolution. i'm on the cusp.

    keep up the great work, cori. happy for u.

    gina delgado