Thursday, January 19, 2012

Calypso Cards...

i fell in...
you know, into the big giant hole called work
and responsibility.

  anyway, it is so busy in that deep abyss,
and this fact makes it very hard to come up 
for anything extra (like a blog post).

but... i am out!  
*insert deep breath here*

i am taking the time to share just one 
of the many things i have been 
busy doing.  AND THAT... is a line
of cards for CALYPSO!

if you have a second...  go take a look!

now... i am off to work on a series of 
questions for the REALLY big thing i 
have been working on (for the last year!).

i can hardly wait to tell you all about it.
but for now my lips are sealed.

OOx c.


  1. Such beautiful cards!! Love all of them!!

  2. Want so many of them!! Are you bringing them to spring Custers????;) hint hint R'Chelle

  3. the only show i will be doing in spokane this year is farm chicks! my life just keeps getting crazier and crazier... hope to see you R'Chelle.

    1. :( super super sad face!!!! I will definetly try to get to farm chicks!

  4. Dazzling-my heart just started beating a lot faster. You are amazing.

  5. wow, these are all so wonderful! i'm off to see the whole collection! congratulations!

  6. Whoa...I want them all. What a beautiful group of prints. Well Done!

  7. Your cards are really gorgeous and I'm going to buy some!
    Jess xx

  8. These are GREAT! I love the yellow and green bird especially.

  9. Lovely and fun, as always! I am a huge fan of your birds :)

  10. you are so talented. this collection is whimsical perfection! The one with the oranges makes me giggle. Can't wait to find these in the stores.

  11. So excited to see a post from you in my Reader this morning! I'm glad you are busy and I can't wait to check out the line of cards. I love everything you create!

  12. Cori, I met you briefly at the arts and crafts show in Spokane. I purchased a Christmas ornament and have since fallen in love with your work -- I will be blogging about you soon. Thank YOU for all that do! Do take time to breathe!

  13. WOW!! These are so fun! I want one of each at least.
    BTW I saw one of your Kleenex boxes and wanted to get it but I was in Hawaii and didn't have room to bring it home. My husband thought I was nuts. I keep looking here...