Monday, October 17, 2011

legato on crescendoh

i had the pleasure of being asked
a few questions by the lovely (and talented)  jenny doh,
(for legato, which is a section of her
FABULOUS website that goes
by the name of crescendoh).

if you have a sec, perhaps you would like
to head on over to cruise her lovely website
OR to read my interview to delve deeply into
my rather simple mind!

there are so many things i could say
about this...  but the main thing that i was 
sort of surprised by was how i tormented
myself over every word.
(you would have thought i was writing my dissertation!)
when in fact i was answering simple questions
about the person i know the best (me).  

but you know...  i had to consult someone
else when i was answering the question, what do you like to do
beyond create?  i could think of NOTHING,
and i had to call one of my closest friends to tell her about
how i didn't know the answer-- and she
had to tell me all the things i like to do.  she had to
remind me how i love to try things, and how i adore
a good tour.

it was through my good friend that i could draw myself
in...  i don't know what i would do without the eyes
of my friends to help me see myself.

so this is a thank you to jenny, and to all
of my friends (old and new) who help me be myself



  1. I loved your interview and can't wait to see more of your incredible artwork!

  2. Love your wind dancer! You always peg it just right. Going to check out your interview. :D
    My Blog

  3. great interview! yes, your art does look like it just flows out and now i know it does. your art is awesome!

  4. What a great interview Cori! I loved the sotry about the crayons. I think of you every time I look at my tattoo. So many people have asked me about it and I tell them about you and your beautiful work.

  5. I really enjoyed your interview Cori, your work always looks so effortless and yet is so fantastic. I use a dip pen with white ink, I'm going to get me one of those white sharpies!
    Jess xx

  6. oops I meant St. Marks on Market street. I believe that is the first time i saw your work! :)

  7. Hi i don't know where my first comment went, but I am striking out over here... I LOVE your work... I remember seeing for the first time in Denver at Saint Marks in Denver. You are mad talented and I am looking at your etsy page again and swooning.

    love love!

  8. i think images express ur bubbly personality:) love ur blog:)
    take a look at my new blog:) thanx

  9. I like Cori's art and have been a fan for quite sometime. I have some of her artwork! Really like it. Thanks for a opportunity to get to know her better! Jamie V in MT.

  10. First, you look like you are a teenager in that picture and you make me feel very old. I was a little girl with pigtails once - that drew on every thing I could find. I never got to go to art school and learn how to marry my art with the amazingly fast paced technology of the times. So I still doodle... and I still dream of one day growing up to be like all these young artists who can do such amazing things - like making a pen and ink drawing appear on a locket or a mirror...

    Teach me?

    Do you have a how-to? A favorite book? A weekend to spare in Austin? I make a mean Italian espresso.