Thursday, June 9, 2011

a lovely interview

 if you get a sec...
(and you care)

i just completed an interview over at 
a fabulous blog called do what  you love

i am doing what i love.
are you?

i hope so.


today... my doing what i love meant baking 
my first strawberry pie.  
it is in the fridge setting right now.
it took WAY too long to make due
to my poor organizational skills in the kitchen.
all i can hope is that it will be delicious!


  1. Cori - this was a lovely interview. I enjoyed seeing some art pieces I haven't seen of yours before, and I am going to take a little look at your Etsy store again now. I live close to Seattle, and I am so looking forward to coming to visit at the Bellevue Arts Museum artsfair. Thanks!

  2. Cori! I loved reading that interview! I am so happy for you, and I must say every time I see your work, it gets me right in the HEART, the way it did when I first walked into your basement and saw the kids holding balloons. You are so inspiring to me. Love you so much. XO

  3. Strawberry pie yum that's sounds nice! yes I do what I love and I shall hop right over and enjoy your interview now! :)xx

  4. Loved reading your interview. Your finished pieces look so effortless, it's interesting to read about how much work and effort really go into them.Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.

  5. Hi Cori, I've just found your blog after reading the interview over at 'do what you love'. Your illustrations are so beautiful and I adore the story behind your favourite illustration.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration and the candid talks. you are my hero!
    I can't wait till we meet again..... J

  7. oh fun to find your blog here after following your art on etsy! i loooooove your work (PLAY!) your pie turns out amaZING!!! with extra ZING!!!

  8. what a wonderful interview, i enjoyed it very much. i adore what you said (and how you said it) about being at the curve that never ends. lovely. :) !

  9. How was your pie? I love strawberry pie, but I'm kinda particular about it. Baking is a challenge...

    Off to read your interview!

  10. I have loved your interview!!! great work :)

  11. Hi Cori Just to let you know I have nominated you for the Kreativ Blog award. It was passed to me and im passing it onto you as i love your Illustrations they are fabulous. So congrats! (please see details on my blog page-buttonboxcards)
    Thanks elise x

  12. omg. strawberry pie. I don't believe i've ever had the pleasure of trying that.. lol. sounds yummy as heck! let us know how it turns out :-)

  13. just gave my daughter one of your cards for her birthday and she loves it as much as i do.....

  14. That was a fab interview, thanks for sharing! I have fallen in love with your illustrations :)