Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tulsa health department

you may not know this about me,
BUT...  before i started painting my paper
ladies, i worked as a full time illustrator.

one of my clients is/was the Tulsa health department (thd).

a couple of years ago i helped work on a set of
television commercials for THD .
I did this in conjunction with Littlefield ad agency (out
of Tulsa), and INTAKE Studio's (out of Wichita, Kansas).

click this to see the  commercials that go with the
posters you are seeing below (just scroll down a bit
once you arrive on the page, and you will see thumbnails
to each one),  they were SO silly
(and they won Addy's too!!!).

that said, i am just beginning another round of commercials for thd
as we speak, which made me realize i hadn't shared
the first round of work with you.

it was the first time i had ever worked doing
animation (and MAN is that an amazingly difficult thing
to wrap your brain around).

and here i go again!

hope it is a bit easier this time...
(crossing my fingers)

OOx  c. 


  1. cori! those are amazing! so, do you just create all the drawings in a sequence then? kind of like a flip book? super cool, girlfriend.

  2. i was in charge of creating the characters, (with direction of course) :)
    and then i sort of story boarded the piece, putting in important frames of the sequence. intake studio did all the animating and drawing of the "in between" frames. together... magic!

  3. These are hilarious but get the point across. I especially love the cooties one!

  4. I like the fun, whimsical approach to things like "Cooties"! ha.. love them!

  5. OMG those are adorable and eye catching. Looking forward to you sharing the next round or illos and commercials with us.

  6. it isn't any easier this time around!

  7. Lots of fun doing Sweet On Spring!