Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a photo journal

this is a link to an 18 year long photo project by Darcy Padilla.  it documents
the life of a woman addicted to drugs and infected with the aids virus.

it will break your heart.

i am sharing it, because i find it so humbling, knowing
how people can struggle in their daily lives...

our quiet daily lives.

bless us all.
OOx  c.

Darcy Padilla's photo journal was brought to my attention by a
visit to Paul Price's Blog  (thank you Paul, and Darcy).


  1. Unbelievably heartbreaking... not only this woman's story, but for her children and all those other families out there in this same situation.

  2. what a profound photo journal - that people can suffer and live with such pain and hopeless is very sad