Thursday, January 13, 2011

painting #12-16

this is meant to cover the loooong (well deserved)
weekend i am taking starting tomorrow morning!

SO...  these are not new paintings,
but they haven't been online yet, so they
are virtually unseen.

(i long for the days when i painted all day
every day).  those days seem a distant
memory right now, but i hope to revisit 
them soon.

this week i spent virtually ALL working hours
doing boring computer stuff to/with my art.

boring meaning creating 1/4" bleed around a bunch
of work.  photoshopping out all the dog hairs,
and ink spots that make it into a scan.

oh what a glamorous life i lead!


okay then.  i'm off to go pack a bag, so i can 
 hit the big city tomorrow!  

i am really excited to drink delicious coffee.

OOx c.


  1. cori- absolutely love it! the colors, esp in the 1st and third GRAB me! wonderful work!

  2. Beautiful as always ... I could look at your work for hours. Thank you!

  3. I could look at these all day. I just might. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. they are gorgeous, i love them :))

  5. I love your work!

    Congratulation! You've received a Stylish Blogger Award, and you can pick it up here:

  6. You are so wonderful. I love them ALL!!!!! Miss you. :)

  7. Busy gal....Your work is just so amazing. I love every picture. We had delicious coffee at the Pike Place Market this weekend! Cheers!