Monday, January 10, 2011

a give away by me on the where women cook blog!!!

the where women cook blog is featuring a blue plate
special,and this week i am the featured artist!
this means you have a chanceto win
 a painting by yours truly! (or a really cool
lazy susan).  all you have to do is cruise on over
and leave a comment about anything on the blog!

the giveaway painting is this little lovely below

(she loves trees, just like me).

just press this link and it will take you there 

okay...  i confess, i should have done this a 
couple of days ago... but,
i am challenged in the marketing department.
i suffer from not understanding how it all works or
why it is important, although i DO understand on 
some level that it is incredibly important stuff.   i 
am suppose to share the cool things that happen (right?)
but i get busy... and then the moment is gone

at least i remembered before it was too late this time.

OOx  c.


  1. Thanks for the head's up Cori. I especially love this one, as BC is home to "tree huggin' Granolas". I ought to know-I married one!

    I think it's more important that you have time to live your life than be tied to the internet. Never apologise for that!