Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a final good bye to summer

lopez island...  (sigh)

i am a rock collector,
and organizer.

this here looks like a pile of driftwood, right?

little did you know...
it is a space ship!

that is one happy summer face.

this face is saying it is bloody cold in the mountains!
(on our way to the sun valley art festival in idaho)
that morning was COLD.

this is me in my grubby clothes that i slept in.
(and was cold in ALL night)
*i am probably complaining right here.

my sweetie.  always happiest
when we are all together outside.
bless his heart.

OOx  c.

p.s.  winter is almost here.


  1. I hear many similar thoughts here! Wish I was out there collecting rocks right now.....
    My hubby looks at stacks of rocks and wonders who takes the time to build them.
    I look for rocks to stack!

    We must live close, I recognize the scenery

    I absolutely love your work..... Have heard nothing but great things about you and your work :)


  2. Sooooo happy to see pics of you and your dudes. Looks like you were having fun.

  3. Good to see all your smiling faces! Such a lovely post!