Tuesday, November 30, 2010

christmas is coming

have you started to prepare?

my cupboard is slowly starting to fill...

my advice...  be brave and make bold choices!

i have to admit that christmas is really one of my favorite
times of year.  i love the tree.  i love the smell.  i LOVE
all my ornaments (each one holds it's own set of memories).
i love the music.  i love snow.  i absolutely love buying gifts
for the people i love.  i really REALLY put a lot of effort
into picking the right thing for the right person, and i get a 
great sense of satisfaction when i know i have done it well.
(frankly nothing is more annoying than a lame gift...  and i 
don't mean to sound ungrateful)  but you have to own the
darn thing once you have received it.  and i am certain 
if folks actually thought aboutwhat they were doing..  
they could do it well.

so when you go out to shop this year.  think about who
is getting the gift.  what do they like?  what are their
values?  what does their house look like?

try to think of all the angles...
and i am sure you will not fail.

OOx  cori


  1. i've left everybody speechless.

  2. I told my family this year, (all kids are grown up) Let's just buy our own gift, wrap it and stick under the tree...that way we get exactly what we want. For us....it is about the games and food and being together.....and the snow makes it all perfect! Happy Jolly Winter to you.

  3. i like your idea A LOT! i actually had a similar discussion with my sister in law just the other day... saying we should do that. she looked at me with a blank face. i thought it was a brilliant idea. but i have to say, i do love giving the perfect gift. (i love it)

  4. I love your post Cori... so true. When we truly embrace each little bit of Christmas (and the gift-giving!) it all becomes fun and special.
    When we give in to the world's over-commercialization, we can get overwhelmed and down-right cranky.
    Focusing on each person intimately while buying their gift is a great way to combat that! It's like really listening to someone as they tell you something instead of just nodding and saying "yes".
    Love it...