Friday, May 28, 2010

the FARM chicks antique show, SPOKANE wa

this is the next show i will be doing...
i have never been, but i have heard amazing things
about it.    hopefully the ladies (and gentlemen)
will have a place in their hearts for me, as i don't
really qualify as a seller of antiques.

wish me luck!

OH!  here is a link to all of information for the show.


  1. Farm chicks is so much more then antiques. My favorite is finding artists like you. I can't wait.

  2. gooooooooood luuuuuuuuck. i know you'll have it!!! xo

  3. Hope they like you.....still stuck on how they said "your work isn't a good fit for us" Ummmm? Whatever. Hope it's a big blow-out. Wish I had time to make you a crazy hat to get lots of attention.

  4. I will be a vendor there too...for the first time. I also don't quite fit...but here is all for a great time. See you there.

  5. Well, I know a little 8 year old girl who has a very big place in her heart for you. My daughter, Gabby, and I purchased #1 of your print, "joy giver" today and even at 10pm she was STILL talking about you and your work. She was re-living her day on the way home from the grandparents and chittered on and on about your booth and how she wants to go back to your "store". She can't wait to get the print framed and on her wall. We love it and loved discovering you today! We pulled the print out of the package while we were in line for lunch at the Farm Chicks (we just had to get another look at it!) and in doing so met the gal behind us who had purchased a print from you at an art show at WSU. Gabby's already starting to talk about a 'collection' of your prints so hopefully, you'll hear from us again soon! (her birthday is in August)

  6. michelle, thank you so much for sharing that story about gabby. believe it or not, that is what keeps me going. i know i am on to something when i can capture a little girls interest. (it makes all the hard work worth while). @ krys... your booth was absolutely enchanting, and you have raised the bar!!! really incredible space filled with such treasures.

    OOx c.