Thursday, March 11, 2010

52 and counting

so i went through yesterday and counted how
many paintings i am sitting on at the moment, 
and i am at 52!  this is all good but i 
figure i need about 100 more.

why you ask?  well... i am going to try and
tackle the art/craft fair world.  
(here is a painting so you don't get bored)

so far... i am doing 5 of them,
and am waiting to hear about 3 more...
the exciting bit about all this is i 
applied to be in the cherry creek art festival
(in the emerging artist program) and they
are going to have me!!!  

honestly, i about cried.  we used to live 
in denver and it is THE best art fair i have
ever been too.   so i was SO thrilled.

after the "thrill" wore off i became FREAKED!!!
and i started in on the worry.  how many... what if
people buy them... how many will they buy.
what am i doing?  why did i do this?  oh my
gosh.... what have i done?

THEN, i started asking other artists (amanda blake, and
rachel austin)  for advice,
and my freak-out lessened (sort of).  turns out the
general advice is 4x as many paintings as you think
you will sell.  ???  i have no idea how many
paintings i will sell.  none.  so where does a girl start.
then folks followed up by saying that if you couldn't do 4x
that 2x was realistic.  (this i can wrap my brain around)

basically i thought, well... if i can sell 30 paintings at a show
i would be thrilled, so i need around 60 per show.
so you are now looking at just a few!

52/150  (yikes!  who am i kidding)


  1. Congratulations and well done the way...i've thought you're one of the greatest artists i've ever seen since i first discovered you on etsy, so no idea what you're worried about, of course people will buy, they'd be mad not to! I'd visit and buy loads myself if i wasn't all the way over here in the UK, afraid to fly!!! Tons of good luck with it all. xx

  2. WOW! So cool, your painting will sell, more than you think I bet. The beautiful work you do will speak to people! No worries, deep breath and make sure to take time out to get inspired. xoxo

  3. it all just goes so slow!!! i sit down to paint and the phone rings, then an etsy order... then it's the ups guy. maybe i need to start sleeping during the day and working ALL night.

    thank you so much for the well wishes. (i hope both your sweet words are right).

    *thanks by the way, for reading my little post.

  4. I love your work and if I could go I would buy your paintings!

  5. How fantastic. I live in Colorado Springs and will definitely go to the Cherry Creek Festival to see your work in person. I just love your art, especially one that I marked on Etsy, I believe it was a girl reading. I teach middle school English and just thought it was perfect. Good luck with all your shows!

  6. All the best! I love your work. Such a vidid and dreamy feel to it. :)

  7. You will do well. Your paintings ae wonderful. So glad I found you. I'm inspired.

  8. Oh Cori,
    I love all these paintings, but the first one, the lady with the braids and the penciled flowers. Oh I am swooning!

  9. jody... that painting is on a "drawing" from someones homework! i bought it at a yard sale, a little portfolio filled with all kinds of good and bad drawings...

  10. congratulations!! you will rock, don't worry.. best of luck to you! :)

  11. Good luck! Although you won't need it! Your paintings are beautiful. I found you on etsy.

  12. Thats so exciting! I hope you get there! I just checked out your etsy shop and it's beautiful! If you are ever interested in becoming a seller on Lovely Clusters we would love to have you!

  13. Er... I think you may be more successful at CCAF than you're planning on. I will look for you this year! Good luck, and remember to breathe!

  14. Hi, Cori, I just discovered your work through Anahata Katkin's blog and I am completely enraptured by your paintings! I think I could stare at them all day and keep seeing something different. I especially love your unique style; it is so refreshing! I can't wait to get one of your prints. You are going to have a blast at the art fair and, I think I can safely predict, will make a killing! ;-)